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2012 Chevrolet Volt: It receives the price Ecobest 2011

Bucharest. This year, the Ecobest price was attributed to the Chevrolet Volt and his twin sister Opel Ampera. The President AUTOBEST, Ilja Seliktar, said: "We are very proud to AUTOBEST to grant this prestigious reward to these revolutionary GM models. "

Already this year, the Chevrolet Volt was elected Car of the Year 2011 in the United States, and named Green Car of the Year 2011 by the jury of the International Car of the Year. The Volt is commercialized in the United States since the end of 2010 and will be available from a network of Chevrolet dealers SELECTED November 2011.

Powered permanently to electricity, the Volt can travel up to 80 kilometers on electricity from its battery, with zero fuel consumption and zero emission. This is his opportunity to continue to roll once the energy of the battery has been exhausted that demarque Volt electric vehicles other. The Volt has a range of over 500 km autonomy increased, thanks to a modern 1.4-liter 86 hp gasoline generator using ships engine. Once the energy of the battery is depleted, the generator which imperceptibly takes over to power the locomotive. Combined cycle, the Volt emits 27 g / km CO2 and consumes 1.2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. The Volt can run into town or take the highway all the time, without a second thought.

The new Aveo is the second model of Chevrolet compete for the title AUTOBEST 2012. Five models remain in the final for the title, the winner will be revealed Dec. 15, 2011.


AUTOBEST the price is the only independent international election-BASED emerging markets. AUTOBEST to win a prize, the prize, the network, the availability of spare parts and versatility are the most important criteria in the voting process. The jury AUTOBEST come from 15 countries in the region and represent a virtual walk of 300 million people. Each Board member is a reputed automotive journalist and a respected voice in his country. AUTOBEST is the second largest independent European car price.

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