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2012 Buick Verano: A question of quietness

Verano has a system Quiet Tuning uneven

The new Buick is designed to provide incomparable silence turnover in the category

The all-new Verano luxury sedan, which will be commercialized later this year, should provide one of the quietest experiences driving the industry - superior to those of its rivals Lexus IS 250 and Acura TSX.

The engineers in noise and vibration Buick Verano developed in accordance with the highest standard of quietness by replicating the interior soundproof another luxury sedan, the Buick LaCrosse.

"By the Verano compete against the very best, our specialized in noise and vibration team outdid itself to offer a silent driving experience that makes the fame of Buick models" stated Chuck Russell, director of Verano range. "Components and systems Quiet Tuning are integrated throughout the architecture of the car. "

The vehicles produce noise of a multitude of ways in which the level of the gearbox and gears, intake systems and exhaust, electric and electromechanical parts, the fuel and brake system , not to mention road noise and wind.

A dozen soundproofing and noise technologies are used throughout the body structure of the Verano to provide more soundproof and quiet cabin, all without adding weight to the car:

1. A windshield of 5.4 mm thickness and lateral ice 4.85mm thick, all in acoustic laminated glass, minimize wind noise.

2. From acoustic insulation material on both sides of the steel panel dashboard and under the hood reduces engine noise.

3. Five layers of acoustic insulation material in the headliner, including a fabric upper category as visible outer layer, deafening wind noise.

4. Doors have triple seals preserve the outside noise.

Three layers of acoustic insulation material in the doors 5. Muffle the outside sizzling when driving on wet floor.

Tandem 6. A carpet floor density blocks road noise and tires.

7 panels underbody. Reduce wind noise and road while improving energy efficiency.

8. From soundproofing material was applied liquid structure supports a full body.

9. The intake and exhaust systems specially templates contribute to the pleasant sound of the engine without harming performance.

10. Components Chassis isolated reduce vibration when driving on irregular pavement to provide a firm road feel.

11. A patented rear suspension provides precise road of even a handling feel and superior without prejudice to the quietness maneuverability.

12. Hydraulic suspension bushings and engine cradle soundproof greatly reduce if not eliminate vibration.

Moreover, the baffle has Verano activated by heat in various amounts, other structural elements and cross to seal and close sections of the body structure capable of transmitting noise or allow water penetration. The heat-activated baffles are inserted in strategic areas of the body structure and take the volume in the oven paint to fill the cavities of the structure.

The silence of the intrinsic Verano results from hundreds of virtual and physical tests on the body structure, tires, chassis, interior and powertrain of the car under various conditions to eliminate or reduce noise, vibration and jolts. Road noise was measured on a fan of pavement and blower even in heat and cold rooms. Apparatus vibrator columns was used to evaluate squeaks and rattles.

Among the 200 pieces that are generally subject to scrutiny during noise analysis is the air intake system, which improves the efficiency and engine performance. Of the elements specially templates were adapted to the clean air of the Verano inlet piping to remove raucous noise has acceleration.

The bonnet acoustic generator and training system improves engine accessories Verano is designed to provide quiet operation while a six-speed automatic transmission allows the engine to run for a lower regimes - and quieter - on the highway.

The use of high strength steel in more than 60% of the structure of the Verano aid eliminate squeaks and rattles due to the rigidity of the upper body.

"Verano completes the exceptional range of Buick. This well suited for Canadians compact luxury car offers a driving experience unsurpassed premier at this price, "said Marc Comeau, vice-president, sales, after-sales and marketing for GM of Canada. "The Buick brand has proved a pleasant surprise for consumers looking for a luxury car, each new launch vehicles, and as one of the quietest cars on the market, the Verano does be no exception. "

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