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Mexico candidate present a F1 Grand Prix

The return of Formula 1 in the United States to be held next year, while the new circuit Austin, capital of Texas, is hosting its first Grand Prix in just over a year, on November 18 2012.

But alarmist rumors for several months about the construction of the future site of motorized sports. The stop work in June came even increase a little more alarmist comments. It must be said that the organizers did nothing to calm the panic, stating that it was because they were too far ahead that the work had been temporarily steppes! Nobody believed them, of course.

South, on the other side of the border, the Mexican businessmen have recently invited Bernie Ecclestone has come to evoke meet their desire to revive the GP of Mexico. And why not replace Austin in 2012 by the will of one of these promoters.

It will be clearer in the spring but it is certain that Mexico possesses more track capable of hosting F1 at this time. As for Austin, they still have an entire year to complete the work. The South Korea in 2010 and India this year have demonstrated that such a complex is built in a few months. It should therefore be careful, brief yet give "benefit of the doubt" before talking about new bankruptcy for F1 in the United States.

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