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Volkswagen will invest € 62 billion

An administrative decision which should help to become the world number one

Over the next five years, the German auto giant will invest more than € 62 billion that should allow it to climb a pole automakers in 2018.

Currently, the Japanese Toyota is the first manufacturer in the world but this title should normally escape him in 2011 in favor of General Motors. Moreover with this Chapter, Toyota could even get off a 3rd place being already ahead by Volkswagen is preparing to take the second step of the podium.

The game plan

Volkswagen is the head of european manufacturers over the past several decades and voila board that has become the world leader, especially with the help of the BRIC countries in such emergence: the Brazil, Russia, India and China.

An important part of these large investments will go towards development of a greater number of hybrid models have engines or electric over the next year.

By itself, China will take over some 16 billion euros in investments which will be used primarily to open two new assembly plants in collaboration with local manufacturers. Thus, Volkswagen will have a total of 11 or complex models often dedies to major Asian markets, the most important of course that China is assembled.

Recall that Volkswagen has just reopened a Chattanooga assembly plant in the United States or Tennessee is currently ASSEMBLY new Passat reserved for North American markets.

After China and Volkswagen holds some advantage over its main rivals, it should be noted that the same is true for Russia and the former Eastern European countries is now in full emergence. We can therefore expect to see the German automaker broaden its tentacles in this region of Europe.

Personally I still believe and if the current trend continues that Volkswagen could become the world number one before 2018, or even 2015 ...

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