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Tires all conditions: Without having to change your tires

Tires all terms are preparing to dominate the urban jungle this winter

31% of quebecois procrastinate and wait until May to remove their winter tires; With tires all terms marked with the symbol "mountain / snowflake", motorists can drive with confidence without having to change their tires.

Canadian Tire announces the launch of exclusivity in Hankook Optimo4S, a model known as "all conditions" draws to suit the road conditions here, regardless of weather.

To discover quickly if a suitable tires winter driving, consumers need only locate the symbol "mountain / snowflake", which appears on all tires that meet or exceed the requirements established in the tire sector in terms of traction performance on the snow. These tires have also been specially designed for use in cold temperatures and weather conditions with heavy snow. This symbol appears only on winter tires all categories and conditions.

Tires all terms represent a new category specifically designed to allow a higher level of traction in summer and winter road conditions, providing a significantly safer winter performance compared four seasons tires. Only tires with the symbol "mountain / snowflake", such that all conditions and winter tires tires, are considered suitable to winter driving in Quebec. For those who live and move in urban areas, tires all conditions can provide levels of security and any acceptable performance throughout the year. A set of tires can be used all walks throughout the year, motorists avoiding the hassle associated with changing tires and storing another set for the off-season periods.

Another interesting conclusion of the Angus Reid poll is that while 95 percent of motorists say they are confident in their own abilities relative to drive safely in winter conditions only 23 percent of respondents have confidence in the abilities of other drivers has manage conditions of snow, ice and slippery. This aspect reinforces the need for motorists by using the proper tires, thereby increasing their ability to stop and avoid accidents cause by other drivers.

From this month, the tire Hankook Optimo 4S all circumstances, one of the tires all the most recognized national circumstances, will be on sale exclusively at Canadian Tire from $ 84.99. For a limited time, customers who buy four tires receive a card bonus Canadian Tire $ 50.

"Canadian Tire offers over 3500 different tires including brands such as Michelin, Goodyear, Hankook, Continental and Pirelli, and we are the reference for motorists during the winter season," said Carol Deacon, Associate Vice President at Canadian Tire. "With one of the largest selections of tires in the country, we can ensure that Canadian drivers find the adequate tire for their vehicle, their needs and their budget."

"We are proud to be associated with Canadian Tire to offer this revolutionary tire on the Canadian market," said Joseph says Park, director of marketing and communications for Hankook Tire Canada. "Hankook Tire is committed to providing the best quality product and using the most recent innovations and Optimo4S is an illustration of this commitment."

The Optimo4S is designed for optimum performance in all four seasons. This tire, designed by asymmetrical sculpture and using a hybrid technology consists offers a driving braking and outstanding traction in dry, wet and snow road conditions, while delivering better mileage. This tire is marked "mountain / snowflake".

About the survey

From 2 to 4 September 2011, an online survey was conducted among a sample of 1,007 Canadian adults who drive a vehicle and are members of the panel research Angus Reid Forum. The margin of error is + / - 3.01%. Differences between totals are due to the orrondissement amounts.

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