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Saab is placed under the law against bankruptcy

Saab has never been so close to becoming the next brand cars have to pass a history.

Indeed the latter has been put under the law against bankruptcy to protect themselves against the many creditors.

A restructuring plan

In parallel, the Swedish Saab and direction of its latest owner "Swedish Automobile" have presented a restructuring plan says voluntary.

An approach that would allow the builder still gain time in order to acquire new sub which would allow for a Xeme time to pay its suppliers and employees.

Saab could then open again its huge complex of Trollhattan are assembled or the very large majority of its different models.

If all this was to turn sour, Saab will this time have to go definitely has the story. Which is far from desirable since they are 3700 people who lose their jobs in Sweden only.

The story very unpleasant

Throughout this period of turmoil, many leaders of the company, now called "Swedish Automobile" that are offered steep wage increases.

For example, the president of the board Hans Hugenholtz saw its emoluments be increased by only 633%.

Where is the mistake?

Saab is placed under the law against bankruptcy picture #1

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