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Ford and Toyota will jointly develop a new hybrid system

Ford and Toyota will work together on the development of a new hybrid system for light trucks, SUVs; standards for future telematics

• Ford and Toyota will work as equal partners to accelerate the availability to consumers of a new hybrid system evolved for light trucks and SUVs.

• The new hybrid system developed jointly will be ready for use during this decade on light trucks has propelled Ford and Toyota, and provide better fuel efficiency while continuing to provide customers with the capabilities they require and seek .

• Ford and Toyota also will collaborate on the development of standards for the next generations of telematics and Internet services on vehicles

Ford Motor Company and Toyota Motor Corporation - the two global leaders in the manufacture of hybrid vehicles - today announced they have a share equal to collaborate on the development of a new hybrid system evolved to customers and light trucks SUVs

Ford and Toyota have signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in matters of product development, with a formal agreement planned next year.

The two companies work independently on their own hybrid propulsion system has next generation. The two companies have now committed to collaborate as equal partners on a new hybrid system for light trucks and SUVs. This new hybrid powertrain will have a new group of customers trucks and SUVs to take advantage of a hybrid system increased energy efficiency without compromising the level of ability they want in a vehicle. Ford and Toyota believe that their collaboration will allow them to offer these hybrid technologies to customers sooner and more affordable way that each company would have been able to accomplish alone.

"This agreement combines the capability of two global leaders in hybrid vehicles matter and hybrid technology to develop a better solution faster and more affordable way for our customers," stated Derrick Kuzak, group vice president for global development of Ford products. "Ford has innovated in the market with the Ford Fusion Hybrid, and we intend to repeat this feat for a new group of buyers of trucks and SUVs - customers we know very well. "

Takeshi Uchiyamada, executive vice-president for research and development of Toyota, said: "In 1997, we launched the first generation Prius, the first hybrid gasoline-electric vehicle produced in series in the world. Since then, we have sold about 3.3 million hybrid vehicles. We expect create innovative technologies that benefit society as a whole with Ford - and we can get there by sharing the experience of both companies in terms of hybrid technology. "

The two companies have also agreed to work together to complement the existing telematics each company standards to enable consumers worldwide to enjoy more Internet based services.

Under the MOU, the two companies will integrate the best items of their hybrid powertrain technologies, developed independently, a new hybrid system development has in common, which will be used in trucks a lightweight propulsion towards the end of this decade. More specific way, Ford and Toyota:

• jointly develop as equal partners a new hybrid propulsion system has and technology components for light trucks and SUVs.

• Incorporate manner independent of the new hybrid system in their future vehicles

For several years, Ford and Toyota are working independently on similar propulsion systems hybrids in order to give light trucks and SUVs more energy efficient. When the two companies have initiated discussions on potential collaboration, they quickly found common elements.

"By working together we can better serve our customers by offering the best powertrains that are affordable and at the same time provide an improved energy efficiency," stated the president and general manager of Ford, Alan Mulally. "This is the kind of cooperative effort that is needed to address global challenges in energy independence and environmental sustainability. "

Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota, adds, "Toyota is very proud to join Ford in developing a hybrid system for trucks and SUVs. This collaboration aims to make the car even better, it will lay the foundation for future mobility in the United States. By establishing a comprehensive long-term relationship with Ford, we continue to offer consumers in America automobiles that exceed their expectations. "

This hybrid propulsion system will be based on a new architecture to deliver the capabilities that customers require trucks and SUVs, while providing better fuel economy.

Despite the fact that the hybrid propulsion system will be a team of technology and significant common components, Ford and Toyota will integrate the system independent way in their own vehicles. Each company also will determine the calibration and performance dynamics of their respective light trucks and SUVs.

In addition, the telematics plays a role increasingly important in the experience of the owner, and the two companies have decided to collaborate on standards and technologies needed to enhance the level of security and convenience offered by telematics systems next generation. Collaboration telematics relates only to standards and technologies, and each company will continue to separately develop their own products and features for its vehicles.

"Ford has made huge progress in the field of telematics," said Kuzak says. "We have excellent proprietary solutions now with SYNC and MyFordTouch. Collaborating on standards for vehicles, we improve the customer experience as owners. ""

Mr. Uchiyamada added: "Toyota has also invested heavily in telematics in various countries in the world, with services like the G-BOOK and G-Link. In the United States, we have just launched Entune, accessible and easy to use system. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we wish to offer even better telematics services in the future. "  

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