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Hydro-Quebec delivers ten cars i-MiEV has Boucherville businesses

Hydro-Quebec is pleased to announce that it has completed the delivery of ten cars of Mitsubishi i-MiEV to businesses selected for the third and final phase of the most important test of any electric car program in Canada Boucherville. Launched in 2010, the test program will continue over the next year to complete, as planned, at the end of 2013.

Hydro-Quebec coordinates this road test program extends over three years and 30 cars integrated i-MiEV. The initiative allows to study charging needs, driving habits, driver satisfaction and the interface of vehicles with electric network. This is consistent with the 2011-2020 Action Plan on electric vehicles initiative unveiled on April 7 by the Government of Quebec.

"This project allows us to collect data such as first-hand the habits and needs charging drivers of vehicles. During the next year, this project will also include tests for rapid charging (400 volts). To do this, we set up a first quick charge port in Quebec, we will test a daily basis, in collaboration with the rotisserie St-Hubert in the area. This terminal will also be made available to all participants in the demonstration project, "said Pierre-Luc says Desgagne, Senior Manager - Strategic Planning Hydro-Quebec.

"Our partnership with Hydro-Quebec has given rise to a unique and challenging project that allows Hydro-Québec to test our i-MiEV under many common situations. The data that the test program produced continuously help us ensure that our technology is adapted to the Canadian market and contribute to the elaboration of collective charging infrastructure, "stressed Mr. Shin Fujioka, President- Director General, Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada Inc.

About the i-MiEV

"I-MiEV" stands for Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle (Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle). It is an electric vehicle derived from the Japanese i-Car platform. Adapts to driving on the motorway, it recharge using a socket and produces no exhaust pipe emissions. The i-MiEV Mitsubishi owns a radius of 120 km per charge and can be recharged in 6 hours by plugging it into a 240 volt (or 13 hours using a 120-volt outlet is used). Furthermore, the use of a quick charge port will reach 80% of the nominal autonomy thirty minutes.

For more information on Hydro-Quebec transport electrification projects matter, please visit / transportation-electrification.

The third and final phase of this program will test ten additional vehicles i-MiEV. Selected following a call for applications launched last June, the companies are:


Mere shop and Foams

College Edouard-Montpetit


La Residence des Berges

Bombardier Transportation

Companies Hamelin


Pratt & Whitney Canada

Sandoz Canada

Recall that, under the first step of this test program, five i-MiEV was delivered in December 2010 the city of Boucherville, the Centre for Health and Social Services Pierre-Boucher and Hydro-Quebec. In June 2011, for the second stage of the program, thirteen Boucherville businesses have received five additional i-MiEV.

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Hydro-Quebec delivers ten cars i-MiEV has Boucherville businesses picture #2

Hydro-Quebec delivers ten cars i-MiEV has Boucherville businesses picture #3

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