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Ford makes washing your car both easy and fun

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All reasons are good to wash your classic car by hand: save a few dollars, do a little exercise in the sun and polish your vehicle for a summer hiking.

In addition, a newly washed and cleaned vehicle has ever look good, right?

Here are some tips from Ford for the next time you feel the urge to grab the garden hose and a bucket to give the light of the star of your garage entrance.

Check to view a video has both short and fun titled Ford Makes Car-Washing Easy (English only) featuring Gerry Bonanni, senior engineer, Paint and body repairs, and the Ford Mustang GT.

Clean the exterior of your car:

• wetted Good: Make sure the car is first rinsed well and always wetted during washing. The objective is to ensure that the dirt is suspended in water and they do not rest on the surface of the vehicle.

• Use the right soap: Ford recommends soap specifically for formula cars. Mr. Bonanni says: "Even a mild dishwashing detergent to remove the risk of protection wax and cause water spots. "

• Use a sponge or mitt: Ford recommends using a wool mitt or sponge. Always keep the mitt or sponge well wetted and soap to lift dirt-and avoid rubbing and scratching.

• From top to bottom: Start first by the roof and sides, and finish with rocker, or the most, dirt usually accumulates.

• Secher: Use a scraper and a soft towel to wipe the vehicle.

• Waxing: Ford recommends waxing your car to protect his painting.

• Wiper Blades: Use isopropyl alcohol (a friction).

Each Ford vehicle is subjected to a process of painting five layers designed to ensure long-term sustainability. This process begins with a pre-treatment that protects the surfaces from corrosion and ends with a layer of varnish that helps to reduce chipping and scratches.

Clean the interior of your car:

• Dashboard: Clean the instrument panel, interior trim and lenses dial indicators with the help of a clean white cotton cloth and wet, then dry with a clean cloth and dry white cotton also. Cleaning products for housekeeping and window cleaners are not recommended.

• Vacuum: Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dirt and other fabrics, carpets, seats and seat belts.

• Use the appropriate cleaners: Ford recommends using an agent specific cleaning carpets and automotive fabrics to remove stubborn stains less. If there is grease or tar, first clean the soiled area with a stain remover specifically indicated for automotive use.

• Leather Seats: For regular cleaning, wipe the surface with a soft, damp cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, use a mild soap and water solution. Dry with a soft cloth. You can also use products specifically recommended for cleaning and maintenance of automotive leather.

Tips for summer:

Ford recommends never washing your vehicle when it is hot to the touch or when it is in the sun. In addition to the heat and sun, the summer presents other problems if you wish to keep your vehicle shining. If you experience the following problems, try cleaning the paint as soon as possible following the tips below:

• Bird droppings, bugs, suntan lotions and insect repellent: Wash with soap and water car as soon as possible.

• Seve and tar: Use a good stain remover for tar and insects, and polishing surfaces affectees.

• Insects annoy you? You are planning a long trip and you fear that your windshield and / or bumper is covered with debris insects once arrives at destination? Wipe your windshield with a dryer fabric softener sheet, which will prevent insects easily stick to glass. Also, spray your bumper with aerosol cooking.

• Saturate before scrubbing: Unable to remove the label of parking amusement park or beach pasted to your windshield? Saturate the vegetable oil before you start scrubbing.

Here are some tips for fans who expose their vehicle has shows or fairs.

Aluminum rims and hubcaps:

• Use a cleaner wheels and tires. Accumulations of dirt and dust created by the brake may require a little more effort with a sponge. Rinse thoroughly with a strong jet of water.

• Never spray cleaner on rims or covers hot or even tepid.

Turn the engine:

• Exercise caution when using a scrubber has pressure. The high pressure liquid can enter the sealed parts and cause damage.

• Do not spray a hot engine with cold water. Otherwise, you risk cracking the engine block or other parts in the engine compartment.

• Use a shampoo and degreaser specially designed for the engine.

• The battery and filters must be covered during this cleaning. Consult your owner's manual.

• Do not wash or rinse the engine never started. The infiltration of water into the engine may cause internal damage.

• Do not wash or rinse never an ignition coil, spark plug cable or a plug hole or the surrounding area.

Be sure to consult your owner's manual for more information on cleaning and maintenance of your vehicle.

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