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European Chevrolet Aveo: To get an idea of ​​the American Sonic

    Style and personality to the new city by Chevrolet

    A truffle inside heal malignant storage

    A simple range proposed at the right price from 11.950 Euros

When asked a driver what he wants an American, it is likely that it meets: space, comfort, equipment, pleasant engines. Let's see what he expects from a city ... not sure these same adjectives are always appreciated! And yet ... With the new Aveo, Chevrolet perpetuates the habits of the brand.

Rich range first with two body variants PROPOSED of launch. The new Aveo will be proposed five-door hatchback and four-door sedan has chest that share excellent qualities of comfort and road holding, a dynamic and strong line, a large and excellent habitability sobriety.

Then versatility. Also comfortable for daily urban trips for weekends in the countryside, the new Aveo is the proposal that is sure to appeal to a clientele seeking a versatile city. The Aveo has been conceived to make everyday driving in a small car a more dynamic and enjoyable experience, while delivering practical solutions has reasonable price.

Economy finally. For launch early June, the range is organized around the petrol 1.2 liter 16-valve 70 or 86 horses, and 1.4-liter 16-valve 100 horsepower. Three levels of LS and LT finish for mechanical 1.2 LTZ for powering 1.4. A simplicity of line which helps the motorist's choice ... and that helps to maintain a reasonable rate in avoiding increasing options and variants. The new Aveo 5-door will thus proposed from 11.950 Euros for the LS version 1.2 (70 hp). It will cost 13,550 Euros for a LT version 1.2 (86 hp) and 14,850 Euros for the Aveo LTZ (100 hp). As for the Aveo 4-door LT release (86 hp) is displayed at a price of 13,950 Euros.

All these versions receive a superior staffing competition. Thus the level LS, Aveo offers facilities such as power steering, centralized locking the doors remotely, a / bench 2 3 - 1/3, electric front windows, the radio MP3 CD, cruise speed, 6 airbags, traction control ESC, Brake Assist emergency or the ISOFIX system. Of the higher level LT appear air conditioning, Bluetooth hands-free kit with steering wheel controls, the auxiliary and USB ports, on-board computer, adjustable seat height, light-alloy wheels. Finally Aveo LTZ is adorned with comfort facilities such as parking sensors, AV and rear electric windows, storage drawer under the passenger seat AV, the automatic lights and many items of body distinctive. All in a city 5 doors look particularly distinctive in this segment.

The American genes are well appointment and wealth of equipment for the new Aveo the outset ranks among the small / large or large / small depending on his mood! Remeber also, for the next school year, the arrival in the Aveo range of diesel engines. A first for Chevrolet in this segment ...

Clinging to the road

The handling dynamics of the new Aveo is an essential element involved in the seduction exercised by the car. The fund thus forms a set with more rigidity for less weight. The ride is balanced and healthy thanks to a front suspension composed of a McPherson leg with helical springs and stabilizer bar, and rear suspension torsion beam integrated. The exceptional reactivity of the vehicle to the injunctions of the driver receives an extra, electronic stability control (ESC) and an electric power steering (EPS), available on models equipped block 1.2-liter petrol or turbodiesel 1.3 liter. This sophisticated system of support includes a wear compensator to guarantee the accuracy of the direction irrespective aging vehicle.

A set of sensors carefully control templates six airbags fitted as standard the new Aveo and the car also receives a four-channel ABS system with emergency braking assistance. In addition, the driver has an electronic cruise control with speed limiter function. Once the selected maximum speed is reached, a beep sounds.

The Aveo also offers a quiet and relaxed driving. The insulation was neat thanks to numerous measures that have to reach a sound absorber 10 to 40% more efficient than previously.

Two separate bodies

The exterior styling of the new Aveo, sporty and contemporary, will bring a breath of fresh air in this segment. At the front, the imposing grille has adorned the floor Double bowtie lets you know immediately that the Aveo is a Chevrolet.

A fundamental element design style sign Aveo: it is his apparent headlights inspired the world of motorcycling. They are mounted on double barrels, standing on black money and collars by chrome rings. Wheel arches strongly marks a lag of 114 mm between the roof and the beltline and short overhangs door-to confer on the five-door hatchback a strong footprint and a nice plumb.

As the Chevrolet Spark, the handles of the rear doors of the 5-door are located in the upper part of the door, giving it the appearance of a cut. The taillights of the sedan hatchback are devoid of ice protection, and make a smooth return from the front of the car. In contrast, the optical compact sedan rear are integrated into a double casing, which gives a chic in this fluid the aerodynamic sedan SOUGHT button. Sedan version is 360 mm longer in length than the hatchback, whose length is 4039 mm.

Rims adopt the characteristic five branches and Chevrolet are available in the following sizes and styles design: steel and alloy 15-inch alloy and 16 and 17 inches.

Sporty sophistication to the interior

The design of the interior of the Aveo has been a great research leading to a higher execution quality, that is usually found only on higher segments. The same level of finish, there is no difference in interior architecture and design between the hatchback and notchback sedan.

The elegant cockpit double alcove Aveo is based on the Chevrolet Corvette, one of the most iconic cars in the world of sport. It adopts another peculiarity: the enveloping line of the dashboard, which brings together the driver's door and the front passenger. A right and left gills round breakdowns detach from the surface of the dashboard.

The case shows the counters theme evokes a motorcycle outside, with a full round speedometer of a liquid crystal display. The ice blue backlighting creates an elegant and contemporary atmosphere in the cockpit.

Well-designed storage show the care taken in the production of the Aveo. The two boxes of gloves, one with integrated USB port, the various compartments and bins portiere and three cupholders in the front, offer many possibilities of storage for all kinds of objects. The players installed in the upper glove box can be pilots using the steering wheel controls or radio buttons.

The trunk of the four-door version offers 502 liters of cargo volume, which places it in the top of the category; the equivalent of 653 liters can find their place in one of the five-door version, when the rear seat is folded: plenty to go on a weekend or go shopping at the mall.

Efficient and simple engines

The basic criteria that have guided the development of the engine range of the Aveo were total sobriety, pleasant response and slight environmental footprint.

The gasoline range comprises two versions of the 1.2-liter unit, delivering 70 hp or 86 hp and a 1.4 liter (100 hp). This fall, the new Aveo will also be offered with a 1.3-liter turbodiesel engine - the first rides on a small Chevrolet in Europe - with an injection common rail system with a start / stop and a turbocharger a variable geometry.

The four-cylinder 1.2-liter petrol and 1.4 liter receive a double camshaft in head and variable valve timing. Their iron block is fitted on a hollow structure. They have a sole cast that gives them more rigidity, contributing to the silence and the softness of the mechanics. Other technologies employed to improve the performance and sobriety of the engine, it should be noted skirts pistons cooled by oil spray and distribution by silent chain.

The combined cycle fuel consumption is 5.5 l/100 km for the version of the 86 hp 1.2-liter engine. It will issue 129 g of CO2 per kilometer.

The Aveo will be the first Chevrolet small to have a six-speed automatic transmission. This box is characterized in particular in that the gear train is on the same axis as that of the engine crankshaft. This results in a smaller footprint, which has lowered the hood and provide more living space.

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