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Nissan announces the launch of a new advertising campaign

- Always under the theme "THE LAW OF COMMON SENSE" -

- The campaign, conceived by TAM-TAM/TBWA, presents the Nissan cars as being the choice of Common Sense -

Nissan Canada, in collaboration with TAM-TAM TBWA, launching a new advertising campaign under the theme "The Law of Common Sense."

The agency has completely rewritten the creation taking care to preserve the fairness of Common Sense on which the car brand has built its success in recent years in Quebec.

New concepts showcase two loads of enforcing this law agents. Aboard the different models, they go to the scene of situations that lack clear common sense: Excessive fuel consumption for example, a lack of space or a questionable design.

"A great brand like Nissan is well positioned to understand the global positioning can be expressed in different ways according to the steps," commented Judy Wheeler, director of marketing with Nissan Canada. "This is an opportunity for Nissan to bring forward the strength of its innovations. "

"By capitalizing on what was already in place, our mission was to make the concept of Common Sense more seductive, more connected and more exciting without losing its relevance. "Has said Hugues Choquette, VP establishment of TAM-TAM TBWA.

Launched in early August, the law of common sense reign in cinema, on television and in print, and multiple web declinations have also been provided for. It is the result of concerted efforts of the entire agency, Jean-Francois Asselin, film director in Cinélande and many stakeholders.

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