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The Car Guide 2012 is here!

The Car Guide 2012, the true and only for 46 years, is booth today, August 9. As every year, the guide to all overflowed more useful than the other information. We find the hottest concepts of time, a comparative match between green cars and another putting forward car about $ 20,000. Finally, a match between the most popular sports lovers will salivate performance.

We pronounce the word "performance"? In a condition called special section, rightly, "The Super Sports", we test the McLaren MP4-12C, the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari FF and Plethore. Nothing less!

As is tradition, the Guide de l'auto determines the winners of each category and unveils the best car and the best SUV / crossover of the year. For 2012, we innovate by announcing the technology of the year! And speaking of technology, we present a complete dossier on the subject. Not to mention pages and pages of statistics and expected in the coming months novelties. Arguably it is the most complete guide on the market without error!

You can even place an order online.

The Car Guide 2012 672 pages of information ... and passion! And beware of imitations ...

See in the video presentation of the Car Guide 2012 VAT.

The Car Guide 2012 is here! picture #1

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