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Mercedes-Benz SLK 2012: The bar is always higher

She gave birth in 1996 a new category of cars, or the cut-cabriolets. Before his coming, we had a choice between sport coupe or convertible to enjoy the beautiful seasons of the year and thanks to her we all avenues combined into one and the same car.

In Europe as in America, this method affects mainly luxury cars or prestige. The Volkswagen Eos is the only car in this niche has offered us be a more affordable price and it is the same for Renault Megane on the old continent.

Today, Mercedes-Benz is back with a third version of his seductive and extremely popular with the new SLK which specification gives a very high bar again face strong competition increasingly fierce.

Here is the press release issued by Mercedes-Benz


The new SLK-Class Alliance passion and efficiency

With the SLK entirely new design, one of the most exciting sports cars and appreciated enters its third generation. The new cutting-door convertible driving pleasure and the joys of conduct open to a new level. It combines comfort and agility sports refined, sublime sports car design and perfect fitness for everyday use, top performance and optimal environmental compatibility. In addition, the new SLK is the first vehicle in the world to feature the panoramic vario-roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL, which is lightened or darkened at the touch of a button. Powerful new 4 and 6 cylinder engines guarantee an exemplary efficiency and a particularly sporty temperament. The outstanding performance of these engines do not prevent them from being more economical than their predecessors. Moreover, the SLK is proud of its safety equipment fuller making a real model in its segment. Thanks to a multitude of technical innovations, the SLK is once again figure of reference in its category.

"The new SLK is a car that embodies like no other the role of vector trend," stated Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Committee of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. "With its enthralling design, its high-quality interior and moderation in consumption, the SLK will continue in the future to provide a fun drive and unheard consolidate its status as a cult roadster cut, I am sure. "

Innovations are part of the success story of the Mercedes-Benz SLK:

• In 1996 the first generation caused a sensation thanks to the retractable roof, which transformed in the space of a few seconds to open roadster into a hardtop was cut at the touch of a button.

• The second generation if necessary wrapped neck and shoulders passengers from a hot air scarf - called innovation AIRSCARF - to enable them to enjoy the pleasures of driving a open even in cool weather.

• Among its strengths unpublished, the third generation present today for the first time the panoramic vario-roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL of the function. At the push of a button, the roof is lightened or darkened.

The new Mercedes-Benz SLK however much more to offer than strengths isolated. She moves to head in each area and promises all respects driving pleasure without half-measure. The new SLK is distinguished by qualities generally regarded as incompatible, and thus manages to combine exceptional comfort, high-end equipment and particularly sporty temperament. Concurrently, this new cutting-Cabriolet is the most simple and the most ecological vehicle in its class and sets new standards in matters of security. The pleasure of driving in all weather - open or closed, during leisure hours or daily roof - is also deeply rooted in its genes.

A timeless design that embodies the inherent sensuality sports cars

The designers have endowed the new SLK a body which particularly emphasizes its classic roadster proportions and cutting which gives it a fascinating character. Cover longer, very compact passenger space back and picked back part: the SLK seduced by the charms that characterize all the classic roadsters from Mercedes-Benz and that have allowed many of them to become icons of the brand.

On the outset, the eye is attracted by the vertical grille that proudly makes the wind and bears the new face of the brand models. In perfect harmony with the elongated bonnet and well proportioned, she suggests, by light edges stretching to the back, the dynamic qualities of cutting-cabriolet. The wide radiator grille bears at its center the Mercedes-Benz star and integrates a slide to accented edges, chromed front. Headlights come with clean lines complement the front. The face of the new SLK evokes that of the legendary 190 SL of the 1950s, often regarded as the first "SLK".

Designers, however, is not only guided by the past; they also voluntarily conferred to the front of the new SLK to narrow similarities with the SLS AMG - the new model has gullwing Mercedes-Benz - and the new CLS.

Element amazing and measurable proof of meticulous work: despite the front plus mark and straightens and augmentee front surface, the Cd was reduced to 0.30 - a truly remarkable result (Cx of the previous model was 0.32) .

Showing lines timeless profile view, the SLK conventional proportions of a roadster embodies the ultimate in aesthetics and is a visual promise of sportsmanship and driving pleasure. Of refined details and reminders indicate the care shown by the Mercedes-Benz designers in their work. A hollow molding conceals eg join the trunk, which avoids disrupting the checkout line as is usually the case for structures similar roof. LOCATED aeration grids in the front fenders with fins CHROME recall the cut-famous Mercedes-Benz roadsters of the 1950s. On the new SLK they form the perfect harmony starting point of a belt line that extends up the muscled back and wings, with games of shadow and light, confers the lateral surfaces and a timeless look even more elegance. Similar manner, the upper end of the great lights, for the first time teams electroluminescent diodes (LEDs), converges to this ostensibly waistline.

Interior style and beauty purist

Presenting the most compact dimensions in its class, the new SLK has an exemplary roomy interior. The designers have designed an interior equipment offering the driver and passenger maximum perceived quality and uncompromising precision. The interior is characterized by sporty elegance and authentic high quality materials, processed with extreme precision and craftsmanship. Even in the base version the center console and other items aluminum trimmed brush confer a touch of brilliance to the vehicle. Ultra-gloss Burl Walnut dark brown or black ash are optional. Four nozzles GALVANIZED aeration round, integrated into the dashboard and inspired by those of the SLS, emphasize the membership of the SLK family sports car Mercedes-Benz.

The large round dials of the SLK are supervised by a screen that displays information generated by the onboard computer. The center of the dashboard, the screen dedicated to color communication features and entertainment is easily visible by both the driver and the passenger. On the central upper part of the dashboard is a beautiful analog clock, remarkable detail emphasizing discrete manner the character of cutting elegant cabriolet.

Among the other high-end facilities include among others a multifunction sport steering wheel with flattened lower section has a thick leather crown, and leather Reflective sunlight which greatly reduces the heating of the surfaces it covers, a lighting fascinating atmosphere and innovative heating system AIRSCARF neck which was already equips the previous model.

Single equipment: MAGIC SKY CONTROL

The new SLK, Mercedes-Benz offers for the first time a choice of three variants of the retractable roof slight design that transforms in seconds the roadster has a cut open a roof "rigid" and vice versa, simply by touch of a button:

• The base version is a roof painted in the same color as the body.

• It is also possible to choose a panoramic vario-roof glass dark tint.

• The third variant, the panoramic vario-roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL feature is a world first.

This glass roof is lightened or darkened at the touch of a button. It can be almost transparent and so allows for printing roll is open even when it's cold. In "dark", the roof provides shade and prevents the heating of the passenger compartment in case of intense solar radiation. In other words: an atmosphere of well-being at the touch of a button.

Windscreen innovative AIRGUIDE

Comfortable alternative to conventional mesh windscreen, a new swivel windshield designed by engineers in aerodynamics of Mercedes-Benz is offering the new SLK. It consists of pivoting transparent plastic panels fixed to the back arches security. The driver or passenger can switch these signs to the middle of the vehicle in a fraction of a second to reduce air turbulence.

Enthusiasm and efficiency

At first, a model of SLK-Class will be available at launch on the market, and this model will be propelled by a new direct injection engine. Displacing 3,498 cc, V6 SLK 350 develops an output of 302 hp allows to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in an estimated time was 5.6 seconds (top speed of 250 km / h ). The V6 engine is completely new design. Among its most important distinguishing characteristics, there is a direct injection of the third generation, piezo injectors and ignition multietincelles.

Suspension ensure the largest possible contact with the road

Serial, the Held The dynamic route includes a suspension damping adjustable continuously. This suspension is endowed with a fully automatic damping system has electronic adjustment that allows the vehicle to provide a smooth ride even on a floor in poor condition, which did not prevent him to proof of a sporty driving dynamics.

The Dynamic Handling package also includes the Direct-Steer system and the Torque Vectoring Brake system Brakes developed by Mercedes-Benz. Compared to a standard management, management Direct-Steer increases maneuverability and agility while reducing the effort required during maneuvers parking. In critical situations, the system Torque Vectoring Brakes occurs at the rear wheel on the inside of the turn to the curb in a fraction of a second, which causes a defined rotational movement of the vehicle about its vertical axis. This helps stabilize the SLK without altering its dynamism, and direct with precision and mastery in the curve.

Judicious mixture of materials and high level of security

The body structure of the new SLK has yet been perfected. Thus, the hood and fenders are now made of aluminum. The new Mercedes-Benz SLK also sets new standards in matters of security. Indeed, the third generation of this powerful trend vector is endowed with a multitude of systems to aid the conduct last cry, the detection system ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness developed by Mercedes-Benz and included in the equipment series. There is also an option, the system of preventive occupant protection PRE-SAFE ® unique in the world, and the PRE-SAFE ® Brake, which can apply the brakes autonomously way if risk of rear collision. With the SLK, Mercedes-Benz and is again well beyond guidelines imposed by safety standards.

To celebrate the launch of the new SLK, Mercedes-Benz offers a special series called "Edition 1", distinguished by a special paint glacier gray matte finish. Richly equipped, the "Edition 1" is especially with the following features: panoramic vario-roof, Dynamic Handling package, AMG body, two-tone designo nappa leather with contrasting stitching style, AIRSCARF, ambient lighting and much more. 

Available now at the Mercedes-Benz dealerships across Canada, the SLK 350 is priced at $ 66,500.

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