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Sponsor an invisible but pay 100 million!

Although tobacco advertising is banned in Formula 1 for nearly a decade, the Philip Morris group has renewed its partnership with Scuderia Ferrari to remain the title sponsor of the stable until the end of the 2015 season. According to our sources, the Italian team will have the same annual amount, or nearly so, when advertising on cars was allowed, or about $ 100 million annually.

This partnership remains an enigma to many, as the cigarette brand Marlboro can not appear, or on race cars, or static advertising on the site of most circuits, such as european and Canadian tests. But on some specific sites, such as Monaco or Abu Dhabi, posters associating the famous brand Ferrari bloom profusely, which seems sufficient for the Philip Morris group pay such a sum.

In Formula 1, lower budgets stables, wanted by the International Federation of Automobile, were only limits so far effects. The teams Mercedes, McLaren and Ferrari still have budgets exceeding $ 300 million annually, Red Bull not being far behind.

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