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Toyota announces the opening of the first hydrogen fueling station by pipeline to the United States

- The Shell station demonstration program supports continued demonstration of a hybrid fuel cell vehicles Toyota

- Pipeline hydrogen demonstration program also feed the fuel cell stationary Toyota campus

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. (TMS) today celebrated the opening of the first hydrogen fueling station in the United States, this position being fed directly from an active industrial hydrogen pipeline. The position is the result of a collaboration between Toyota, Air Products, Shell, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and the U.S. Department of Energy Department of Energy (DOE). The facilities will provide the hydrogen to vehicles program demonstration of a hybrid fuel cell vehicles as well as fleet vehicles has other fuel cell manufacturers in the Los Angeles area.

"Building an extensive hydrogen refueling infrastructure is a critical step leading to successful commercialization of fuel cell vehicles has, stated Chris Hostetter, vice president of Product Group Strategic Planning and TMS. We plan to introduce a fuel cell vehicle has on the market in 2015 or earlier, and the infrastructure must be in place to meet the needs of our customers. "

The position is located beside the campus of the seat sales and marketing TMS. As owner of the land, Toyota leases the site has Shell for a nominal fee. As owner / operator station, Shell works directly with Air Products who provides onsite equipment and station maintenance. The gas pipeline is also provided by Air Products from its plants in Wilmington and Carson, California. SCAQMD and DOE provided financial assistance to the project.

"This is the first time that Shell is working closely with a vehicle manufacturer to develop a demonstration station, has said Julian Evison, general director of operations of the division Alternative Energy Shell. The industry has made good progress on the technical side, but cooperation is a necessity for the hydrogen to achieve its commercial potential as a fuel for road vehicles. "

Air Products also worked with Toyota and other manufacturers of fuel cell vehicles is to develop the system for authorizing vehicles to hydrogen (Hydrogen Vehicle Authorization System or HVAS), another first in the industry and an exclusive characteristic of Torrance station. The system of recognition of vehicles Wireless HVAS allows the recognition of the position and the vehicle for rapid refueling and convenient for customers.

The position will also acquire a learning center on-site to provide information on hydrogen and mail to students from the region and members of the general public. Shell and Toyota will work together to prepare the content of the learning center.

With this new position, the city of Torrance will henceforth part of the initiative of the California Hydrogen Highway, which aims to create clean air solutions and jobs in new technologies across the American state. For more details about the Hydrogen Highway initiative, please visit site.

"This fueling station will be an extraordinary model has to show how easy it is for a pipeline to supply a hydrogen car refueling station and other applications a fuel cell, stated David J. Taylor, Vice President, Sales Energy from Air Products. This site will be a model that will allow us to learn and multiply jobs Food once by pipeline as the opportunities arise. "

The hydrogen pipeline being close to the campus of TMS, this brings Toyota to think beyond vehicles and consider other uses of hydrogen. In 2010, Toyota partnered with Ballard Power Systems to install a generator battery has a hydrogen fuel a megawatt to compensate for periods of peak demand for electricity on campus. This generator will be fed directly from the hydrogen pipeline through an existing valve located on the grounds of TMS. The hydrogen pipeline used on campus will be offset by purchasing renewable biogas landfill.

The system should be installed in 2012 and it is estimated that 10 000 tonnes will reduce the CO2 emissions thanks to the technology of fuel cells that produce no emissions. Plans include using heat created by the system a fuel cell to provide hot water and space heating in fitness of employees of Toyota and Lexus headquarters building in the campus of the seat TMS. Use of this heat will offset natural gas consumption on campus, which will avoid the estimated annual production of 28 tonnes of additional CO2.

The fleet of hybrid vehicles has Toyota fuel cell accumulates several million miles since its launch in 2002, and significant technological improvements have been made since. Hybrid vehicles a fuel cell of the first generation (FCHV) were estimated at 130,000 autonomy. In 2009, the latest generation of vehicle, the hybrid vehicle high-tech fuel cell (FCHV-adv) achieved an estimated at 431 miles on a single tank of hydrogen autonomy. In addition to improvements in the efficiency of a fuel cell and autonomy, durability and cold weather operation has also greatly improved, which leads to significant reductions in manufacturing costs and materials.

The FCHV-adv current Toyota program of national demonstration vehicles use more than one hundred vehicles in collaboration with partners demonstration by 2013, which will be one of the largest fleets of fuel cell vehicles has assets the country. The main goal of the demonstration program is to encourage the development of infrastructure before the launch of a fuel cell vehicle on the market in 2015. Successful development of infrastructure require the collaboration of manufacturers, government agencies regulation and corporate partnerships as evidenced concluded to open the position of hydrogen demonstration of Shell Torrance.

"The programs of demonstration vehicles and demonstration stations like the Torrance is a critical step to prepare the market for the arrival of high-tech vehicles and future fuels, added Mr. Hostetter. These innovative programs allow us to educate, inform and prepare our customers for the future. "

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