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Subaru Canada Appointee best consumer brand

- by ALG company

- for the second consecutive year

Legacy, Outback, Impreza and Impreza WRX-STI cuvee of 2011 is crowned in their respective categories.

Subaru Canada, Inc. (SCI) today announced that it has won the title of "Best consumer brand" for a second consecutive year on the occasion of the award ceremony for the best ALG Residual values ​​in Canada.

The words "Best Residual Value" awards from ALG has put the honor in each category the vehicles likely to retain the highest percentage of their original price. These awards recognize vehicles in 19 categories as well as two brands offering the best overall value among residual consumer brands and luxury brands. Prices this year were awarded to vehicles of model year 2011.

"This second annual honor for Subaru as the best consumer brand demonstrates that Canadians have adopted its range of vehicles has integral cog, reputed for their reliability and their agrement," said Raj Sundaram, Senior Vice President of Solutions Group and ALG . "The solid reputation of Subaru in matters of quality and attention to match supply and demand also contribute to maintain residual values ​​at a high level, giving it the top of the prize list. "

Besides the honor of being the Best consumer brand, Subaru has seen four of its models in their individual category awards:

Best Compact Car: Impreza. ALG praises the reliability and the exclusive integral traction Subaru, which attract a loyal clientele among Canadians outdoor enthusiasts, in addition to stress that control of the offer had been a key factor in maintaining the value of vehicles .

Best intermediate car: Legacy. The recent redesign of the Legacy, considerable gains in the category of intermediate limits and incentives were important factors in the success of the model in this important category, according to ALG.

Best car commercial intermediary: Outback. ALG noted that the maneuverability, fuel efficiency and roominess of the Outback made it an excellent alternative to the traditional SUV, while harmonizing supply and demand have helped maintain high residual values .

Best New Sports Car: Impreza WRX-STI. This is a title for the third annual WRX / STI in the category of sports cars. According to ALG, the perfect combination of performance, value and reliability of Subaru vehicles makes it a winner.

Prices are attributed to after a competitive analysis by segment, historical vehicle performance and industry trends. The quality of vehicles, production levels relative to demand that the same strategies of pricing and marketing are the main factors that guide the forecasts relating to ALG Residual values.

"This prestigious recognition ALG sown happiness Subaru. Obtaining the words 'Best consumer brand' for a second consecutive year confirms that Subaru owners already know, namely the excellent quality-price ratio of Subaru "stated the Chairman of the Board, President and Director General Subaru Canada, Mr. Shiro Ohta. "That which adds to the level of trust of the brand for consumers who may be considering buying a Subaru. "

About ALG (

Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, ALG is a leader in the field of statistics and advisory services to the automotive industry. ALG also publishes a guide called Automotive Lease Guide regarded as the standard for residual value projections of vehicles in North America. The company establishes projections about the residual value of motor vehicles for more than 45 years on the American and Canadian markets. ALG is part of DealerTrack Holdings Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: TRAK).

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