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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe 2012: A silhouette very well done

The perfection of forms: the C-Class Coupe

• A class apart: a cut has both expressive and dynamic

• Energy: five powerful direct-injection engines available

• Efficiency: start / stop function ECO series

• Overflow: numerous assistance systems to the conduct

• Event: new telematics generation with Internet access

The invention of the automobile could be celebrated with more gusto: with very expressive C-Class Coupe, Mercedes-Benz inaugurates its 125th year of corporate history with a new market segment. The brand offers for the first time a model has cut both classic and compact. This section has two doors look fresh and sports festival has its world premiere last March during the International Motor Show of Geneva and markets will be June in European soil.

The new model uses a modern technology of the latest generation C-Class recently commercialized, it assumes the characteristic habit of cuts. On board, driving pleasure is synonymous with exemplary efficiency. In a word, the C-Class Coupe is tailored to the lifestyle of a group of clients ages 35 to 45, who combine professional success and joy of living with full awareness of their responsibilities.

"By expanding the program for the C-Class, we deliberately targeting new customers," stated Joachim Schmidt, Head of Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars. "The new section displays a look at once young and dynamic stylee, which allows a rather sporty entry into the world of Mercedes-Benz cuts. "

Design: A dynamic cutting conventional proportions

Profile, the new cutting seduced by a classic design in three volumes, compact proportions and a lowered figure (41 mm compared to the hatchback), highlighted by a muscular shoulder and a narrow amount back. The membership of this model to the family of cuts is confirmed by a door-to-short overhang at the front, a longer bonnet, steeply a windshield and roof line STRETCHED. The upper part of the cabin extends far behind the rear axle, and picked up the sport stern reliee a rear bezel strongly tilted.

While the bottom line cuneiform belt clearly recalls the silhouette of the C-Class, the tense line from the amount back is a characteristic peculiar to cut: pulling sharply up in its last part, wand belt and just join the roof railing. This silhouette against-curves not only brings a touch of sportsmanship in lateral design but also enhances muscular shoulder with a flat surface that extends in the back amount.

Design front and back: a characteristic of both the cutting and the C-Class

The front of the new section shows the current design of the C-Class, but with some specificities. The bow is dominated by the central grid grille, which rests on the bumper. The central air intake opens upwards, forming a design support for the grille, adorned with two strips of typical models cut. Two chrome louvres extend on either side of the central star by refining, which enhances the athletic character of the bow, recognizable by its horizontal design that etire shaped arrow.

Bulges brands in the spotlight resume and extend design in the form of arrow onto dimensions, connecting the bow with the sides of the vehicle. The side air intakes with horizontal lights integrated in the day bumpers are mounted very low and give the vehicle a more hung allure the road. The shape of the headlamps in clear glass dynamic aspect helps with the bonnet, radiator grille and bumper trim, to emphasize further the arrow design in the front of the vehicle.

The stern of the new C-Class Coupe displays an athletic design and picks.

The extension of the roof behind the rear axle underlines the strongly tilted window and rear uprights fluids, reduces printing length of the stern. The wide line that connects the sides of the vehicle along the upper edge of the boot lid emphasizes the compactness of the back. The taillights are stretched outwards, thus reinforcing the impression of width. The effect of depth makes a clearance by the taillights is accentuated by the bar LED turn signal set back at the center of the box and seems to float between the two upper and lower bands of red lights. Edges of the horizontal reflector integrated into the bumper underscore the impression of width and depth of the back. A diffuser placed in the lower part of the bumper between the exhaust outlets of hoops, allege visually the rear of the vehicle and gives it

a resolutely sporty and dynamic look.

Interior: high quality range in exclusive colors

The dashboard is characterized by a sporty look powerful and high quality. Three cylindrical dials with an anodized surface reinforce the athletic character of the interior. The cup is fitted with the steering wheel has three branches of new generation with chrome central insert, introduced the latest generation CLS. The surfaces of the elements of control are detailed and anodized. The cap combines the instruments etire to central visual and the front passenger seat as a discrete line REFLECTOR. The central trapezoidal air vents and the round placed on the exterior dimensions outputs are accented by decorative metal inserts anodized. Controls the unit of communication and new information generation are characterized by a band of silvery buttons, matt keys, a bright part and a new wheel, all emphasizing the impression of great value inside degagee .

One of the main elements of the dashboard is the decorative insert large running central air intakes up the right lateral air intake through the front passenger area, highlighting the generous character of the interior. These decorative inserts are available for the first time in conjunction with the Optical Pack Edition 1 and the porcelain and lacquer colors and emphasize the exclusive interior atmosphere of the cut. They are also proposed to choose in black lacquer finish, walnut nougat, aluminum and dark brown ash madre.

The C-Class Coupe is a four-seater model in its own right, a team of all places has the sports seats integrals and comfortable time. The rear seatbacks fold down option, a way to enlarge the luggage compartment.

Telematics new generation: increased comfort control combines a more attractive design

The C-Class Coupe is equipped with the new telematics generation, inaugurated on the sedan and wagon. Increased comfort control, larger screens, telephone directory synchronization, display of SMS, music playback without grace over a Bluetooth and USB interface integrated in the armrest: these are the main novelties. 

The multimedia system COMAND Online offers exclusivity Internet access (depending on the telephone subscription client). Guests can surf freely on the canvas when the vehicle is stopped or benefit a online service Mercedes-Benz whose pages appear quickly and are easy to see, even during the journey. Among the integrated services include the weather and finding special destinations via Google, as well as the opportunity to download one route configured on PC via Google Maps and sent to the car. Navigation COMAND Online also benefited from new features such as 3D vision including the representation of cities as models. Another novelty: the routes can be saved and reused subsequently; PERSONALIZED special destinations may be registered or imported via an SD card; Finally, it is possible to display four different itineraries on the map, including a particularly economic alternative.

With Becker ® ​​MAP PILOT, the cutting unit benefited for entry-level Audio 20 CD with a navigation system has attractive price rises can be retrofitted. The advantage compared to products purchased commercially holds especially in the integrated operation via the central control unit and the screen of the Audio 20, discreet installation in the glove box and the ability to download upgrades, day on an Internet portal.

Engines: high power consumption limited

The operating power of the C-Class Coupe is assured choice of three petrol and two diesel engines, all of which feature direct injection and the ECO start / stop function as standard. The five engines carry the designation BlueEFFICIENCY, which attests to their efficiency and their eco-compatibility. All automatic versions are equipped with the improved automatic gearbox seven 7G-TRONIC PLUS (serial on petrol models C 250 and C 350). The C 220 CDI diesel variants and C 250 CDI and the petrol version of the entry-level C 180 series are equipped with a manual gearbox six reports.

The flagship of the range of engines is the V6 petrol engine that drives the C 350 BlueEFFICIENCY endowed the efficient BlueDIRECT injection technology. With an output of 225 kW (306 hp) and 370 Nm of torque, consumption averaged 6.8 liters per 100 km. The four-cylinder petrol versions are equipped with a direct injection and a turbocharger, and are distinguished by their high performance and great sobriety.

The cut version is the least greedy C 220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY equipped with the 6-speed manual transmission and the ECO start / stop function as standard. It consumes on average 4.4 liters of diesel per 100 km, which corresponds to a rejection of 117 grams of CO2 per kilometer. The C 250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY is content for its share of 4.9 liters of diesel per 100 km in the combined cycle and emits only 128 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Undercarriage: maneuverability and comfort

Perfectly adapts to dynamic engines of cutting, AGILITY CONTROL chassis serial is based on a controlled damping system has amplitude: if normal driving loads with low damping, the damping forces are automatically reduce, which results in a significant improvement of ride comfort without compromising the security of a walk. In case of larger loads dampers, for example when cornering at speed or during maneuvers of avoidance, the damping force is deployed at its maximum, to effectively stabilize the vehicle. The AGILITY CONTROL chassis is associated has a rack and pinion steering. A parametric management centering constant and variable ratio is also optional.

Precise wheel guidance: front axle has three arms, multi-link rear axle

The front axle presents a design has three arms with McPherson struts. The lower level of the suspension arms consists of two distinct elements made of forged aluminum, which provide functions and pulling rod cross-linking. The third arm of the front axle is none other than the tie rod which connects the wheels steering box, implements transversely. The reinforced anti-roll bar is connected to the spring strut, which also actively involved in guiding the front wheels.

The Multilink rear axle is fixed for its part in the wheel bearings by five elastic arms, independent of each other, limiting five-point movement of the axle. Thanks to the clever design of the suspension arm, one movement is in principle possible at each wheel of the rear axle, providing compression and extension of the perfectly controlled suspension.

In addition to the AGILITY CONTROL chassis serial, the cut can be endowed with an optional sports suspension lowered by 15 mm, equipped with shorter and stiffer suspensions, shock absorbers firmer tuning and torsion bars strengthened. Staffing also includes management parametric sport.

Systems to aid driving: Warning and Response

With seven airbags series as well as belt tensioners with force limiters for all seats, the C-Class Coupe has an equipment safety particularly Cloth printing. Front airbags, front seat side airbags, knee airbag for the driver and head airbags - all these airbags are designed to deploy in a thousandth of a second in an accident. The side protection system, consists of airbags and lateral head thorax airbags, adjusts the protective effect based on parts of the body CONCERNED. In respect of the protection of pedestrians, the cutting adopts an active bonnet made of aluminum.

Thanks to its many systems support the conduct ranging from ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness detection to Distronic PLUS cruise distance, the cutting provides assistance and protection to copy the driver. These systems are based on the most recent matter in radar technology, cameras and sensors, and are intended to prevent the most frequent accident causes, namely the insufficient safety distances, fatigue and darkness .

In case of risk situation, the systems support the conduct warn the driver or intervene directly if needed. Aid systems was driving at a glance it?:

• ABS System ABS wheel

• Assistant Highbeam

• Alarm Active Lane

• Alarm Active Blind Spot

• System ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness detection

• Distronic PLUS with BAS PLUS

• Regulation of ESP ®

• Automatic headlamp

• Reminder speed limit

• Intelligent Light System ILS

• PARKTRONIC with Parking Guide


• PRE-SAFE ® Brake

• Lane Departure Warning

• Blind Spot

Marketing Class C Cup begins in June 2011 on the European markets.

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