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Maruti Suzuki: 10 million vehicles produced in India

It is in the context of keeping the Motor Show in Bangkok that the Indian carmaker Maruti Suzuki has presented the 10 millionth vehicle produced in India, a model Wagon R.

In 1982, the Japanese automaker Suzuki has captured 54.2% share of the Indian carmaker Maruti to create the new company Maruti Suzuki.

And since everything is going very well for this new manufacturer specializes in the design, development and production of cars and vehicles of small size. Twelve years later, Maruti Suzuki reached its first million vehicles produced in India and another ten years later, production is expected to exceed 5 million units.

By itself, Maruti Suzuki holds more than 45% of sales of vehicles on Indian soil.

Maruti Suzuki: 10 million vehicles produced in India picture #1

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