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Chrysler ready to repay its (many) debts

There aa few months, nobody gave expensive skin Chrysler. Yet, for the second time in its history, brand pentagon beat fate. The first time it was in the mid 80s. Charismatic Lee Iaccoca had managed to save Chrysler from bankruptcy and repay the loans granted by the U.S. government well before the due date. There was talk of miracle ... and it was almost in one!

25 years later, Chrysler remade it! Six years before maturity repayment important granted by the American government loans (7.6 billion) and Canada (1.7 billion), Chrysler says ready to repay the full amount.

This crucial step in the life of a Fiat Chrysler will rapidly increase its stake in the American company.

Long live Chrysler and its directors! And Grace, stop playing with fire ...

Chrysler ready to repay its (many) debts picture #1

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