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Nissan GT-R Egoist: She wears beautifully name

Ultimate luxury, each Nissan GT-R Egoist will be individually tailored to its owner. Real piece of art, LA combines supercar performance exclusive to carve perfectly the tastes of its owner.

"For most of us, the Nissan GT-R represents the pinnacle of performance and efficiency. An extreme power and perfect suspensions were born an icon. Henceforth, there is a GT-R for those who want even more, who want to have "their" GT-R equipped with the finest materials and assembled by the best craftsmen. This is the most exclusive GT-R ever born! "

Simon Thomas, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nissan International SA

In short:

    * The GT-R "ultimate" at all costs!

    * Crafted by hand according to the precise specifications of the owner

    * Interior personalized from leather of the highest quality

    * System Bose ® high-fidelity realized customized according to the size of the driver and his ideal driving position

    * Emblem GT-R driving Urushi lacquer hand painted

    * Lightened wheels and rear spoiler in carbon from the Spec-V

    * All novelties of the 2011 GT-R with ...

          o Suspensions MODIFIED for better comfort and better stability at high speed

          o improves aerodynamic drag coefficient (Cx 0.26)

          o Better flow management ensures better cooling

          o bodies-optimized brakes

    * Permanent Exhibition of the GT-R Egoist at Nissan High Performance Centre Cannes

    * Produced on order costs € 177,000


If superlatives and fasteners records a Nissan GT-R was not enough, Nissan continues to rise and sets the bar even higher with the Egoist. Final version of the famous GT-R, it has been lovingly created to reflect the singularity of each of its owners by adopting the most refined materials.

This exclusive version, specially designed by the "father" of the GT-R (the developer Kazutoshi Mizuno Chief) possesses a totally refines interior by hand with the finest leather, a Bose ® audio system high fidelity to the exact measurements of owner and other typical characteristics of traditional Japanese arts.

Illustrating the extreme care and attention to detail doors of this car out of the ordinary, the emblem found on the steering wheel, lacquer Urushi has necessitated several days of work.

Surprising therefore that the GT-R Egoist, assembled to order only, is rather expensive and destiny has exclusive public.

The GT-R Egoist can right now be ordered in one of five Centres Nissan High Performance at a price of € 177,000. One of these very rare models will be on permanent display in the Nissan Centre Cannes, if some buyers wanted to watch the chef d'oeuvres before ordering.

 "Today, most people expect the easied exclusivity. And even if the

GT-R series will never really commonplace, the Egoist combines real rarity and the most luxurious materials, "admits Pierre Loing, Vice President Product Strategy and Planning, Nissan International SA" Very meticulously assembled by craftsmen, it presents so many combinations of exterior and interior colors that it is very unlikely that two GT-R Egoist will ever be exactly the same. "

The GT-R Egoist in details

The Egoist has been developed based on the new 2011 Nissan GT-R, which presents a number of major improvements to the engine, its suspension and its aerodynamic characteristics.

For starters, the 3.8-liter V6 twin-turbo has been redesigned to increase its power (which goes from 485 to 530 hp) and torque (which rose from 588 612 Nm) and also reduce emissions and fuel consumption . The search for better aerodynamic efficiency helped win 10% support and passed the Cx was 0.26. In addition, the springs and dampers have been modified to, at once, refine handling and soften the behavior of suspensions.

But Egoist propels the GT-R at the peak of pleasure, the exclusivity and rarity. Most of the work has focused on the development of the interior, notably with the adoption of an integral leather created by the German company Seton Leather.

The leather trim extends throughout the cabin even in the smallest details, based on the seats, the seat belt buckle surrounds, the amounts windshield, center console environment and transmission tunnel. Leather also lines the inside of the cup holders and door sills. Neighboring smooth finish with padded leather to contrast all.

But aboard the Egoist, the leather is not ordinary; Seton became supplier ASSIGNED prestigious manufacturers of luxury cars, is the quality and consistency of its leather has its own way of taking care of his flock.

Seton pupil not only cattle breed under conditions carefully controlled in Bavaria, southern Germany. The animals are high during eighteen months in a very preserved environment which provides them with abundant food and reduces the risk of cutaneous imperfections due to insect bites or injuries caused by the barbed wire or other foreign body.

Tanner and prepare the skin before sending in Japan takes a Seton more than two months. Then the installation into each Egoist is handmade in the GT-R Tochigi plant by takumi, Japanese master craftsman.

Each car is out of the main production line and conduct to a specific area or she will receive all the Seton leather package.

Total coexist no less than twenty combinations of colors or uniform throughout the cabin or nuanced between the upper and lower parts. There are ten colors for the bottom - including a pale pink - and four for the top. There also has six colors for stitching. Similarly, the carpet is coordinated. Given all the possibilities, the total possible combinations rises to 84.

In complement to the leather upholstery Seton, near the suedine covers the headliner, sun visors, the rear shelf and lower door panels material.

Once fitted, the car will return to its production line to be completed, including running tests, which can be done in the presence of the customer.

Another example of the time and the necessary precision in the production of a GT-R Egoist: the emblem in the center of the steering wheel. The steering wheel GT-R emblem already displays an elegant but certainly enamel product series. In contrast, the Egoist features a emblem lacquer Urushi, a conventional method of Japanese lacquer is applied by hand.

In the case of the GT-R, the method is called Makie and can be learned only in the region of Ishikawa - home of the GT-R. Before exercising his art, while artisan form must be approved by the authorities.

For this very special GT-R, each emblem is assigned a one man, Kubota-san, Workshop Goshikiya; it takes several days to master this juxtapose multiple layers of paint needed a deep tones and the exclusive finish of this emblem. Each copy is unique.

Particular attention has also led to the creation of high-fidelity audio system of this GT-R. The brainchild of professional sound development - the company Bose ® - this system has 11 speakers features a new class D amplifier and a world first with a carbon support for a new nine-inch woofer.

This support has both rigid and perfectly damper is also very light and brightens the sound of the woofer.

But for the Egoist, Bose ® goes further. When the future owner will command his car in his Nissan High Performance Centre, he set out again after having established its position as ideal conduct. Its size, the length of his legs and the seat-back angle as he - or she - will want to be sent to the factory so that the speakers are mounted in the ideal position. On the measure this point, it's really high-fidelity!

The Egoist also includes several features of the dramatic version of Spec-V launched in 2010 with forged RAYS wheels specific six sticks - exclusive "Blue Sword" for the Egoist finish - and a rear spoiler in carbon fiber.

Part of the exterior color palette is shared with the GT-R range but as it should, the Egoist, if exclusive, receive on request a color specially created for her: Ultimate Opal White (pearl White).

Finally, as unobtrusive as possible, a small Egoist badge fits in the back of the car.

Although his first destination is not as sporty as the limited edition Spec-V, Nissan GT-R Egoist remains one of the best supercars of our time. More powerful and flexible, it fells henceforth the 0 to 100 km / h in 3.046 seconds and reaches a top speed of 315 km / h.

The combination of its advanced electronics, which includes an "R Start 'mode for startups competition type and its gearbox six-speed double clutch, controlled by flying via magnesium paddles, allows for incredible performance.

Connections to offer exceptional ground has the GT-R a faultless adherence. For 2011, the GT-R is even more comfortable thanks to a subtle revision of its springs and dampers. Its braking performance have also been revised with larger front discs to improve their resistance to fading in very intensive use. Finally, forged wheels are shod with Dunlop tires specific to the GT-R.

"The GT-R Egoist is a remarkable car," enthuses Simon Thomas. "Certainly, it is much more expensive than the GT-R series but this supplement only reflect the exceptional quality of materials used for its interior as well as the expertise and involvement of artisans dedicated to the project.

"We have seen with the Spec-V customers GT-R appreciate the rarity and exclusivity. There is no doubt that in this respect, the Egoist is the most special of all GT-R! "

Simon and Thomas concluded: "It seduce a wealthy clientele who appreciate the finer things in life but not necessarily of ostentatious manner. Nissan GT-R Egoist is exclusive and can not be rare, dedicated to a clientele of connoisseurs. "

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