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Honda Accord and CR-Z REMIX Edition

Honda Canada demonstrated the International Exhibition of Canadian auto 2011 with editions "REMIX", the potential of the market after-sales car CR-Z and Accord.

Our Canadian experts are engaged in the creation of two special and unique models.

At the press conference before the opening of the International Canadian Auto Show 2011 Toronto, Honda Canada unveiled two examples of how its vehicles can be customized to give them a more sporty appearance and improve their performance. These are the models "Honda CR-Z REMIX" and cut "Honda Accord REMIX". Honda is working with the magazine "Performance Auto & Sound Magazine" (PASMAG) to do what so many Canadians have done before them, take a prestigious Honda product and customize it.

"We are proud of the reputation enjoyed by our products with respect to walking customization after-selling vehicles modified with different accessories, and we wanted to know what our experts could develop from them," stated Jerry Chenkin , executive vice president of Honda Canada company. "We appreciate the fact that many people choose our cars as a backdrop for their personal expression. "

The vehicles of the "REMIX" range have been designed in just six weeks and will be exhibited at the International Exhibition of Canadian auto 2011 Toronto from February 18 to 27. You can get information on request, or visit our website at the following address:

About the CR-Z REMIX

Designed to prioritize the driver, it features an elegant style car, presenting an effective trend in "green" performance, accompanied by a pleasant road manners, the 2011 Honda CR-Z is a refined cutting that can accommodate two passengers and is endowed with a hybrid engine i-VTEC 1.5-liter 4-cylinder running on electricity and gasoline engine integrates unique, compact and lightweight Honda combines a support system integrated motorisee "Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) "provide the driver with a sporty and reliable way.

Honda's challenge was to build and produce from the original model CR-Z with more power, more mild, presenting an improved efficiency and a unique style, and the result is amazing. Among the many changes enforced by official manufacturer "International Automotive and Custom (IAC)" journal "PASMAG," there was the installation of a cold air intake "AEM" to improve the flow of current atmospheric A new stainless steel exhaust "Magnaflow" and springs "BC-Racing" in the "series ER" for sportier handling. The CR-Z REMIX is mounted on rims "Enkei Fujin" stylized 18-inch black alloys and elegant envelopes in high performance tires "Yokohama S.Drive." "PASMAG" also uses the matte black and matte white paint designs to create a truly unique look.

On the inside, the frequency of audio and multimedia equipment was increased to 20 Hz by the experts of the "Sound Audio and Security" house, the official installer "PASMAG." The original stereo system was replaced by a system of intelligent navigation "JVC KW-NT30HD" with a CD and DVD player, a power connection for iPod and iPhone and another USB socket cles; It is also equipped with an HD radio receiver and Bluetooth wireless technology and a 6.1-inch touch screen completes the package. In addition, they also installed a high-end amplifier brand "JVC Arsenal Series 8000" 20 Hz, with boxes of brand "Arsenal" for bass and speakers to provide quality and exceptional audio power .

About cutting Agreement REMIX

Having received a number of improvements this year, cutting the 2011 Honda Accord proves the best choice for young professionals who want to be gray by the pleasure of driving. The 3.5 liter V6 engine produces, with the optimal timing of the system i-VTEC 24-valve, 271 horsepower. The shifters and a 6-speed manual transmission is available on this model, provide a driving experience in this sector.

The mission of the Agreement REMIX was simple - take all the stimulating excitement of driving this powerful cutting and can provide express visually. The amendments made by IAC include a set of "K & N Typhoon Intake" to open the vents for powerful V6, and a stainless steel muffler "Magnaflow" and a stainless steel exhaust stylized. Stopping power has been improved by the installation of oversized brakes "Wildwood" has 4 pistons at the front and the original wheels and tires were exchange for wheels "Enkei RP05" 19-inch alloys WRAPPED in a tire "Continental ContiSport Contact 3" for outstanding performance three seasons. As for the CR-Z, "PASMAG" has used a matte white paint and black designs to present a contrast more pronounced.

To provide the driver with a powerful audio and multimedia experience, 20 Hz have been added to a "PAC Sven4" to enable the stereo system and interface to mate with the powerful audio mechanism "Gentec International" module. Amplifiers "Phoenix Gold" and caissons severe combined a speaker company "Energy" were installed to wrap the occupants of the Agreement Remix a bright and vibrant sound.

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