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Chevrolet Silverado "HD against HD"

The Chevrolet Silverado excels in trials "against HD HD"

The videos show real tests with HD diesel trucks Ford and Dodge

Chevrolet decided to bring its HD pickup truck road test - and in the mountains - in "HD to HD" (HD against HD), a series of videos featuring the Silverado HD 2011 to be able to compete in vans testing in real conditions to assess the capabilities that seek more real truck buyers.

"We wanted to put aside comparisons between specifications and show how these trucks behave in real situation, said Rick Spina, director of global range of full-size trucks. To achieve this, we turned to an independent firm to test the Silverado HD crew of a Duramax diesel engine and an Allison transmission box trucks against the competition, then we filmed the tests. "

It shows of acceleration and braking tests with trucks whose body is filled with full loads. In some cases, a trailer is coupled to the truck. Other tests are designed to measure the effectiveness of the exhaust brake on a long slope and the rigidity of the frame when driving in pits. The vehicles were equipped competition with a diesel engine, or the Ford Super Duty 2011 and, in some trials, the Dodge Ram HD 2011.

For example, in a test of acceleration from 0 to 96 km / h for models of three-quarter ton with a load of 1500 lbs, which aimed to simulate the entrance on a busy freeway, the Silverado 2500HD outperforms F-250 Super Duty, 7.66 seconds to be compared to 8.36 seconds, although Ford publishes ratings slightly superior in terms of power and torque.

"We worked very hard on our Duramax engine and Allison combination box to generate a generous torque throughout the power range, has said Rick Spina. This is what allows us to stand out in matter of acceleration. "

The Silverado HD obtained similar results when tested for acceleration on a slope 7 percent incline and when tested Overtake at sea level and 6,000 feet above sea level with a full trailer load.

For more details on these tests, please visit the Resume video "HD to HD".

Rick Spina hosts the videos along with Howie Long, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. AMCI Testing, an independent firm working with many manufacturers, was commissioned by Chevrolet to conduct and certify the tests.

Silverado HD performance in everyday life has earned him the title of Truck of the year 2011 Motor Trend magazine.

All videos "HD to HD" can be viewed at the address / hd-to-hd-truck-comparison.

Chevrolet Silverado "HD against HD" picture #1

Chevrolet Silverado "HD against HD" picture #2

Chevrolet Silverado "HD against HD" picture #3

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