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Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP): We want to walk on the moon again

BRP contribute to Canadian exploration programs moon and Mars

BRP, in cooperation with the Centre for advanced technologies BRP-Universite de Sherbrooke (CTA), will design the frame and locomotion systems for a light lunar exploration rover and rover and scientific exploration of Mars.

BRP wins contracts worth $ 5.6 million from MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.. (MDA) that it had received two contracts from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) for the design, development, construction and testing of space vehicles advances under the program Mobility surface for the Exploration of the CSA.

Terrestrial prototypes of the rovers will be designed from aluminum alloys and advances have a system of electric propulsion fed by batteries, and solar energy, in the case of Mars rover. They can also integrate battery has a hydrogen combustion. Prototype rovers will seek an improvement in the order of 5 to 10 compared to the performance of existing lunar and Martian exploration in matters of speed, range and size of vehicles.

"The vehicles will have the task of planetary surfaces browse more harsh, more difficult and more remote than any other previously explained Dr. Christian Sallaberger, vice president and director of Space Exploration at MDA. The role that Canada should play requires the ultimate of what exists in our country. The position of world leader BRP for land vehicles off-road is quite naturally an ideal partner for MDA in these projects. We are delighted to welcome them to our growing team in Canada and we are actually pleased with the synergy that exists between earth and space technological advances in Canada. "

"BRP is proud to participate in the Canadian space program, explained Jose Boisjoli, president and CEO. Although this type of R & D is not part of our regular activities, we have the resources, thanks to the CTA to take this opportunity. The employees of the three R & D facilities in BRP in Canada and in Austria work together to explore the unexplored and challenge existing paradigms: it is our DNA. We look forward to joining our knowledge to those of MDA and the CSA to advance Canada's role in space exploration. Such a project can only widen further our knowledge and accelerate the development of our eco-efficient technologies that could well have run up on our already existing products. "

Three base vehicles will be designed and built in CTA, a public-private partnership between BRP and Sherbrooke University, before they are pound for MDA that it integrates a variety of smart sensors and payloads . "Team CTA knows to be creative and think outside the box, says Mihai Rasidescu, president and general manager of the CTA. We are developing systems that may need to operate in the most remote and hostile places, or differentials are extreme temperatures, reduced the severity and course, or the opportunity to repair a system of locomotion once running is nonexistent. It is definitely off the beaten path! "

About CTA

The Centre for advanced technologies BRP - Universite de Sherbrooke (CTA) is the result of a partnership between BRP and the Universite de Sherbrooke. Its mission is to develop new cutting-edge technologies in the field of motorized recreational vehicles. Since opening in 2006, the CTA has designed two technologies that have been integrated with BRP products and board, at present, a hybrid version of the Can-Am Spyder roadster. CTA employs more than 70 researchers and students.

About BRP

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.. (BRP), a privately held company, is a world leader in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of motorized recreational vehicles. Its portfolio of brands and products includes: Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles and Sea-Doo boats, all-terrain Evinrude and Johnson outboard engines, vehicles, the vehicles side by side and roadsters Am and Rotax engines. BRP products are distributed in more than 100 countries.

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