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Volvo XC30: In development accelerates

The market for compact SUV constantly gaining in popularity, especially on the side of the european manufacturers of cars and luxury vehicles that are a war without thank you on the various Western markets. Sales of Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLK are more than convincing proof. Them vis-a-vis Volvo XC60 is called.

However, these manufacturers are working very hard to develop more compact SUV. Thus, it will be available within a couple of years of Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz BLK, or even a Porsche Cajun dimensions barely higher than those of the Volkswagen Tiguan.

The American and Asian manufacturers of luxury vehicles also are working on future ultra-compact SUV, more economical and more environmentally friendly.

Kill two birds with one stone

He obviously does not need more to get the direction of Volvo to give the green light to the production of the model XC30. This vehicle will be developed jointly with the V30 model using the platform of the next generation of the Volvo C30.

The Volvo V30 is a five-door hatchback version of cutting C30 destiny was to overshadow a popular Audi A3 which is selling like hot cakes lil everywhere across the planet. The next generations of the BMW 1 Series and Mercedes-Benz Class A and B clearly indicate that these manufacturers have not said their last word ...

And finally, it was the turn of the XC30 SUV has be marketed in 2013. A vehicle that inherit lines of Volvo XC60 but more compact size.

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