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Porsche announces lower Canadian prices

Lower prices, which comes into force now includes vehicles and options, which makes the Porsche vehicles more affordable than ever.

Due to the strong Canadian dollar, Porsche Canada today announced a significant reduction in base price of $ 5,200 on average.

This decision follows the measures taken during the last year to provide customers Porsche Canada's best deals in our history. Last spring, Porsche has increased equipment series of all vehicles of the brand while reducing the price of its sports cars. Option packages combining the most popular options has also been discounted price offered to customers.

"In the past, Porsche Canada has always been the first manufacturer to adapt quickly to currency fluctuations the North American market, said Joe Lawrence, CEO of Porsche Canada. Our position as an independent subsidiary since 2008 resulted in Stuttgart is much closer to what we have to say, which allows us to provide unprecedented levels of value to Canadian Porsche customers. "

Decrease in basic price can reach $ 17,500

The lowest price in history make it easier than ever for Canadians to become owner of a Porsche vehicle. For example, the base price of the 2011 Boxster is now $ 54,900; that of the Cayenne V6 is $ 55,300; that of the Panamera is $ 86,600, while the price of the Panamera S is reduced from $ 11,900 to spend a $ 103,200. The base price of the legendary Porsche 911 is now located at $ 90,100. We can now obtain the flagship of the brand, the Porsche 911 Turbo S, from $ 183,400, which represents a reduction of $ 16,600.

"The decrease in base price is attributable to the strong Canadian dollar for some time, says Lawrence. This last measure is to ensure that the gap between Canadian and U.S. prices has decreased by 8% for all vehicles of the brand. None of our competitors can harmonize its domestic prices to American prices as we do. "

Reduction of 16% of the option price

In addition to lowering the price of its vehicles, Porsche has decided to reduce the price of its options. The new prices allow additional savings of $ 2,500 off the price of a vehicle equipped with the most common options. For example, the price of a 7-speed PDK dual-clutch has a Boxster or Cayman goes from $ 4,660 to $ 3,910, while the opening of the sliding and tilting roof Cayenne goes from $ 1,630 to 1 $ 370.

"Porsche is known for its wide range of customization options, says Lawrence. By reducing the price of our options, we offer more choices to our customers to enable them to personalize their vehicles up. "

"The decrease in the price of options, coupled with two price reductions occurred during the last three years, the equipment serial and groups collars options are ensure that Canadian consumers benefit from the strong Canadian dollar and our reaction to the situation, "he adds.

Standard equipment for the Cayenne enhances

In addition to a price reduction of up to $ 5,200, Cayenne SUVs sold in Canada have a series of more equipment provided. As of January, a door opener HomeLink universal garage and side airbags rear seats will be part of the standard equipment. Enhancement of the equipment series and price adjustments will ensure that the price of the basic model of the Cayenne decrease of 6.6%.

The price of the Cayman R reduced to $ 75,600

Today, Porsche also announced the price of the Cayman R, a stripped version of the Cayman S, which is distinguished thanks to 10 additional horsepower, a reduction in weight of 55 kg and has several changes in interior and exterior style. With a price of $ 75,600, increased power and performance of the Cayman R represent a negligible supplement compares the Cayman S. The series features unique to the Cayman R include lateral stripes, mirrors and rear spoiler in contrasting colors, interieures trim the same color as the body, light wheels, a special sport suspension and a rear differential slip limit. The Cayman R will be sold with effect from next spring.

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