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Evolues models that save lives

Hyper-tech anthropomorphic dummies make Buick a leader in matters of security

If a crash test dummy could talk, what would it say? And we would understand what he said?

Laboratory of anthropomorphic test devices, General Motors, new hyper-tech mannequins communicate a hyper-speed, recording and transmitting data collision 10,000 times a second. Some two hundred test all shapes and sizes models are connected by means of 70 to 80 sensors to pinpoint security engineers in the type and intensity of the forces they support during crash tests. The 2011 Buick Regal benefited directly from these trials.

The engineers analyze the data collected during testing practices collisions and Computerized simulations to understand the reaction of a vehicle, safety devices and occupants during a collision. From these data, the engineers constantly seek to improve the safety of cars and crossover vehicles Buick.

For the sake of reality, models represent men and women from a wide range of sizes, a large adult has a toddler. The price of the most perfect model can approach $ 500,000.

The laboratory of anthropomorphic test devices is under the direction of Jack Jensen, specialist technician and engineer in safety of GM. "We design these test dummies so that they mimic the real human behavior," he declared. "The data provided by the models help us predict the risk of injury in a real collision. More realistic is the model, the more accurate are the results of testing. "

The efforts of Mr. Jensen and many engineers in security that have contributed to the 2011 Buick Regal is on the list of safest vehicles from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. The award recognizes that the body considered as good results during frontal and lateral collisions and rollover and on the degree of protection systems restraint seats and headrest against whiplash injuries in collisions the back. In addition, vehicles must be equipped premiums of an electronic control system for stability, which takes the name of StalbiliTrak Buick.

"Most people do not realize that the Hybrid III dummy, still used in most frontal tests was established by a group of scientists biomechanics of General Motors who were pioneers in their respective fields in automotive safety" M revealed . Jensen.

The decades of experience in crash tests Jensen placed in a highly specialized group of eminent leaders in automotive testing of anthropomorphic dummies. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska and Purdue University.

"It is very rewarding for all of us who work in the field of security and protection in case of accident to know that the work we do warns injuries and save lives on the road," said Mr. Jensen.

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