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Nissan agrees to sell 500 Nissan LEAF partners

First Nissan LEAF 100% electric will be delivered to Canada Fall 2011

Nissan Canada and the Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF - Toronto Atmospheric Fund) today announced the signing of a letter of agreement under which the Nissan LEAF will be an important element of FleetWise EV300 program TAF. Nissan is engagee effect deliver 500 Nissan LEAF, which will be sold partners TAF. The first vehicles will be delivered during the second half of 2011.

"Partnerships like this are essential: they demonstrate the interest of manufacturers and consumers for displacements without emission and encourage large scale adoption of electric vehicles," says Allen Childs, President, Nissan Canada Inc. " fleets play a leading role in the global strategy for the launch of the Nissan LEAF. In addition to allowing us to realize sales, these parks also help us understand how we can encourage the adoption of electric vehicles in the region. "

"The FleetWise EV300 program enables fleets to pool their purchasing power and share information on best practices related to electric vehicles. We are therefore delighted that Nissan Canada is such an emphasis, "says Julia Langer, Director General of the TAF.

"The FleetWise EV300 program aims to introduce electric vehicles on public roads in the Greater Toronto area so that we can evaluate their performance and the measures to be taken to create adequate infrastructure," says Langer. "By offering up to 500 Nissan LEAF owners our partners fleet, Nissan helps us take another important step toward achieving this goal. "

The EV300 FleetWise TAF program supports the transition to electric vehicles using tools savings calculation and choice of vehicles, proposed to fleet managers, and training provided to drivers so that they can optimize performance of their electric vehicles.

"In my capacity as manager of a fleet, I must ensure that we have adequate vehicles to perform all daily displacements we must assume while maintaining the operating budget," said Gerry Pietschmann, Director of Services Fleet of the City of Toronto, an important partner of EV300 program. "With today's announcement, fleet managers have the green light to start planning the integration of electric vehicles. "

Public parks and private vehicles operate thousands of vehicles in Ontario. Since many of these vehicles accumulate kilometers in short displacements, they can be readily replaced by electric vehicles.

Nissan, together with Renault, its partner in the Alliance is the only automaker worldwide market has determined, on the mass market, affordable vehicles running entirely on electricity. Nissan LEAF electric car is an intermediate for five passengers that works without fuel, no emission free and has no exhaust pipe. Its top speed is over 145 km / h and is powered by batteries IMPROVED lithium-ion 24 kWh. According to the LA4 test cycle, these batteries give the vehicle a range of 160 km with a single charge, which is sufficient to meet the needs of more than 70% of Canadians with respect to daily displacements.

More than 6,000 Canadians have already signed up for the latest information on the Nissan LEAF address / LEAF / en.

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