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Porsche saw sales reach record highs thanks to China

In 2010, the prestigious German manufacturer Porsche has seen sales reach record highs, especially thanks to China.

Thus, for the period that extends from July 2009 to June 2010, the automaker has seen its global sales climb to 81,850 units, an increase of 8.8%. It is the same for the production of vehicles which reached 89,123 vehicles, an increase of 16.1%.

The Chinese market

Outside its traditional markets such as those in Europe and North America, Porsche sold 25,283 vehicles, an increase of 25.8%.

Only in China, Porsche sold during the same period, 11,724 vehicles for an increase of around 48%. If sales of Macau and Hong Kong are added, they are global shipments of 14,785 units, an impressive increase of 62.7% in these markets.

In comparison, Porsche sold 30,948 vehicles in Europe (+1.4%) and 23,705 vehicles in America (+4.6%).

The most popular models in China:

Porsche Cayenne: 8612 units

Porsche Panamera: 3833 units

Other models: 2340 units

Turnover, too, reached a record level amounting to EUR 7.79 billion.

Currently being purchased by the Volkswagen already holds 49.9% stake in Porsche group, it appears that the German giant will take total control of the Porsche company during the present year.

Porsche saw sales reach record highs thanks to China picture #1

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