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Infiniti M Hybrid 2012: Available from spring 2011

The all-new Infiniti M Hybrid 2012 is exposed for the first time at the Auto Show in Los Angeles - First hybrid vehicle displaying a power of 360 hp and a consumption of 40 mi / gal

The first hybrid sedan Infiniti, which shows the performance of a V8 and the consumption of a four-cylinder engine will make its entry at Infiniti dealers in Canada in spring 2011 -

Infiniti today unveiled the first high-performance hybrid luxury sedan that will sell the all-new M35h, 2012, during a press conference held at the Auto Show in Los Angeles. The new hybrid vehicle, which arrived at Infiniti dealers nationwide is planned in spring 2011, will redefine the standards on the market. First true performance luxury hybrid "thought for the driver," he is also the first hybrid to display an output of 360 horsepower and fuel consumption by more than 40 miles per gallon (estimated at 41 mi / gal or 6.9 l/100 km on the highway).

"In other words, the M Hybrid will be the performance hybrid sedan the most advanced of the market luxury. It will display the performance of a motor vehicle V8 and low fuel consumption of a four-cylinder engine, "says Wendy has Durward, Director, Infiniti Canada.

The M Hybrid 2012 will be exposed to the convention center in Los Angeles on Friday, November 19 to Sunday, November 28, with the full range of Infiniti vehicles in 2011.

The M35h is endowed of a new hybrid system direct response (Direct Response HybridMC) Infiniti, namely an advanced hybrid technology and an electric motor comprising two parallel clutches. Thus, precise control technology of a high-speed motor, fed by the powerful lithium-ion battery, transmits power to the automatic transmission has seven gears of the vehicle directly. This technology is also combined with an innovative system of hybrid electric power steering system as well as no smart electric regenerative braking that can conserve energy and benefit from a flexible and enjoyable driving.

The exhilarating performance of the hybrid M is essentially the 3.5L V6 engine and the DOHC 24-valve Infiniti, whose quality is recognized and that torque electric motor 50 kW, provides hybrid system net power of 360 horses.

The power of torque is also impressive; 258 lb-ft generated by the V6 engine and 199 lb-ft of immediate real power supplied by the electric motor result in an excellent performance. The vehicle therefore offers first and foremost an experience of luxury driving, in addition to improved fuel economy in its class at 6.9 l/100 km (41 mi / gal) highway, 8.8 l / 100 km (32 mi / gal) in the city and 7.4 l/100 km (38 mi / gal) for the average rating (estimated).

In addition, the new M35h can run electric-only mode until the speed of 100 km / h and operate by electric propulsion over a distance of 1.9 km. According menes trials in mixed mode, the M35h can run the electric motor alone, and that, nearly 50% of the time. In addition, given its compact hybrid design, the new M35h features a very spacious interior and storage space in the trunk which compares favorably to models of competition.

The M35h is inspired the Infiniti Essence concept vehicle, which embodies style, performance, luxury, expertise and technology. The sporty distinguished from the M is combined with a spacious and comfortable interior, characterized by the leather seats, genuine wood trim white ash accented with silver powder, same as sound systems and air conditioning high quality, all offered as standard equipment.

Other features of the series include the M35h system of active noise control, the Infiniti Intelligent key with push-button startup, the XM ® Satellite Radio (XM ® subscription is required, sold separately), the telephony system Bluetooth Hands-Free and a glass electric sunroof sliding tinged. The M Hybrid is offered with the following standard equipment: features advanced technology, the warning device in the blind spot detection device in the blind spot, the system Forest Air ®, active cornering and control system navigation Infiniti Hard Drive.

During the Auto Show, Infiniti has also been sacred best luxury brand by the Automotive Lease Guide has the opportunity of the 12th annual awards ceremony ALG residual value of the best (ALG Residual Value Awards). 2011 Infiniti QX56 has been designated the best full-size luxury utility vehicle.

"In the last year, we have completely redesigned or improves 80% of vehicles in our range. Since their launch, all new models M and QX 2011 Infiniti recorded a very strong increase in sales, more than 150% and nearly 50% respectively, "said Durward added. "This is an exciting time for Infiniti. "

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