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Infiniti M Hybrid 2012: With audible warning system for pedestrians

In addition to being the first hybrid Infiniti model, the new 2012 Infiniti M35h is the first hybrid vehicle in the world to be equipped with an audible warning system for pedestrians, offered as standard equipment. The arrival of the new Infiniti M Hybrid in dealerships in the country is planned in spring 2011, after the first exposure of the vehicle in North America International Auto Show in Los Angeles in November. 

Thanks to the hybrid system has direct response (Direct Response HybridMD) evolved Infiniti, which includes a transmission has an electric motor and two clutches plus a lithium-ion battery, the M35h can drive in electric-only mode has an upper speed and greater than conventional hybrid vehicles remotely. The new audible warning device, the VSP system ("Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians") emits a range of different sounds to ensure the safety of other road users. The audible warning is activated automatically and the engine ignition until the car reaches a speed of 32 km / h, then it is activated again when the vehicle passes a speed of 24 km / h.

The computer control system connects an integrated synthesizer has the car has a speaker installed in the front bumper. Rather than a unique sound, the designers chose a range of treble and bass issued at different intensities, was the outcome of an extensive research program to determine the most effective sound warnings and less intrusive possible. The team that developed the system VSP works with cognitive psychologists and specialists in psychoacoustics to study particular types of behavior of pedestrians and noise pollution. So they decided to use the sounds lying on a sine wave whose intensity is 2.5 kHz in the high 600 Hz in the bass. This range of frequencies is easily audible to all age ranges and helps prevent acoustic scope (a frequency of about 1000 Hz) that unnecessarily increase noise pollution.

The frequency of the audible warning varies from low to high depending on the speed, the acceleration or deceleration of the M35h. The sound is worse when the engine is active, which clearly indicates to pedestrians that the car is ready to start. If the vehicle back, an intermittent sound. In both cases, the audible warning is calibrated to not surprise pedestrians and people with low vision if the vehicle is located close starts rolling.

Although the M35h can be propelled by electric silent mode only up to a speed of 100 km / h, it produces enough rolling noise beyond 32 km / h for the VSP system deactivates. The extensive testing program leads during the period of development of hybrid technology has demonstrated that when two modes of propulsion are used, the M35h can operate in electric-only mode nearly 50% of the time.

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