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Winter tires mandatory: Winter starts well before December 15, CAA-Quebec reminds

A little over two weeks of the deadline that requires motorists to drive with winter tires during the cold season, CAA-Quebec recommends that drivers who have not yet moved their winter tires make an appointment you as soon as possible with their mechanic.

"The garages are already very busy for several weeks. This trend will continue and will be a rising higher the closer we get to December 15, "says Sophie Gagnon, Senior Director, Public and Government Relations, CAA-Quebec has. "Motorists should make an appointment with their hotel to be a good hose approach of cold weather. In addition, in some regions of Quebec, it is expected a significant snowfall. It is therefore urgent to put their winter tires. "

Buying new tires: the inevitable questions

As every year, CAA-Quebec makes available to drivers a aide-memoire essential that summarizes the key points to be verified when new tires are purchased. The aide-memoire is offered in electronics on the site in the automotive section.

CAA-Quebec reminds that it is essential to get the most adapted as possible to the vehicle and its tires needs. "It is necessary to be well informed. We are talking about a substantial expense and a question of security. The aide-memoire is designed so that consumers can have a guide at hand when making a choice, "says Ms. Gagnon.

Motorists who already possess winter tires should ensure that they have sufficient adhesion. To properly tackle the bad weather, use tire should not be a sole whose thickness is less than 6/32 of an inch at the beginning of winter.

Kill two birds with one stone

Motorists who pass in their garage in the next few days should take the opportunity to prepare their vehicle for winter. At the request of the driver, the mechanic can control the level of all liquid present in the vehicle, such as engine oil, the oil transmission, brake fluid, windshield washer. It can also check the status of the battery and spark plugs. These audits can make the difference between a motor that starts the first round and a vehicle freezes by the cold.

Vigilance on the roads

Driving on snowy roads need for increased vigilance. CAA-Quebec to take this opportunity to reiterate the importance of keeping his distance from other cars when conditions are more difficult. In addition, make sure to properly plow his vehicle and lateral mirrors to maintain optimal vision. Finally, an excellent precaution is to leave an emergency kit in the vehicle to deal with contingencies.

CAA-Quebec reminds the regular car maintenance is still the best way to cope with the rigors of winter quebecois.

CAA-Quebec, an organization non-profit founded in 1904, provides more than one million service members and privileges in the fields of automotive, travel, residential and financial services.

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