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European Mazda2: Much more than a simple question calender

When the new Mazda2 made its appearance in the halls of european exhibition in 2007, it was a real revelation for automotive previously accustomed to new models always more impressive in size and weight. Fruit of the strategy relievers exclusive Mazda, she accused under 100 kg on the scale than its predecessor while providing greater security and better impact resistance. A year later, the Mazda2 was awarded five stars in Euro NCAP crash tests and won the prestigious trophy for World Car of the Year 2008. She also became one of the most popular Mazda models in Europe since won over 207 000 clients *, all in search of a small affordable urban design is both expressive and dynamic.

"For this project restyling, we conducted a market study of large and seeks to realize a Mazda2 that exactly meet customer expectations. I hope that when you see that you will receive and you will drive, you will realize you too, how it changed, "declares Shigeo Mizuno, Director program. In this new facelift version, the very elegant City Mazda displayed a more sporty look while revealing both more comfortable and cleaner. The new design of the front adds the sportsmanship for External lines already shining through their dynamism. Mazda2 provides henceforth even more fun thanks to the perceived higher quality of its interior and the comfort of suspension. In addition, given that all engines meet Euro 5 *, they offer an equivalent consumption, even lower than that of their predecessors, while emitting less CO2. Mazda2 facelift is characterized by lower costs of operation and superior intrinsic value yet.

In short:

• Adoption of the new front of the brand for a more sporty and dynamic • New fog light inserts

• New range of 11 colors, including two shades unpublished, Aquatic Blue Mica and Burgundy Red Mica

• New models of aluminum wheels and 16-inch alloy 15-inch steel

• Sport version (as steps) with lateral skirts and rear spoiler

Even sportier in the soul

Mazda2 facelift still evolve the young and dynamic character of the original model. Although still available in three and five doors, it boasts an even more sporty look that is essentially at its front that inherits from the new visual identity of the brand models. The new upper grille integrates the wing Mazda logo of the standard version, whereas previously it was available only on the Sport trim package. Pentagonal lower grille proves it as a most impressive and is characterized by more sculptured lines. The fog inserts adopt a new form while emphasizing the resolutely dynamic profile of the front panel. However, two characteristics remain unchanged on the new Mazda2: its beltline upward union and its compact dimensions, which confer on her figure a sense of incomparable movement, even at the stop.

Comfort and equipment

She has it all or nearly Despite its compact and dynamic look, the Mazda2 facelift provides headroom and width for shoulders among the most generous in the B segment, and ensures legroom was more than adequate as the front at the back for a comfortable and enjoyable driving. The driver's seat is adjustable in height on all models. Associated with the steering wheel and gear lever implanted in the upper position of the lower part of the center console, the benefits of the first order you provide driving more comfortable, even on long journeys. Mazda2 contains many very practical storage compartments throughout the cabin, starting with a large glove box very useful, a center console with cupholders, behind which there is a sufficiently large locker to store very easily a handbag between the front seats, as well as bottle holders a pint integrated doors. To recharge or use electrical equipment, the cabin is endowed with a 12 V very practical, as well as an AUX allowing users to connect digital cameras like MP3 player or iPod ®.

Powertrains, high efficiency and low emission energetics

All the engines have been completely restyled Mazda2 reviewed and corrected in order to answer the EU5 emission standard and ensure lower power consumption while preserving the agrement of conduct that has always made the reputation of Mazda models. Customers can choose between three petrol engines and one diesel.

Injection common rail system has acquired new solenoid injectors designed by Bosch ®. Fuel is injected at a pressure of 1600 bars. This high pressure allows precise control of the amount of injected fuel, which results in lower emission, a high torque and low fuel consumption. In addition, the appeal multipoint injection allows guarantees a quieter and more comfortable ride regular combustion.

The new diesel particulate filter (CDPF) mounted on the optimized version of the 1.6-liter unit uses has an oxidation catalyst to increase the temperature of exhaust gas. It is maintenance free and can considerably reduce the cost to use because it does not need any additives to facilitate combustion particles and regeneration of the filter.

In short:

• All petrol and diesel engines have been reviewed and corrected to reply to Euro 5 *

• In its standard version, the MZR 1.3-liter engine develops a maximum output of 55 kW/75 hp at 6 000 r / min to a maximum torque of 119 Nm at 3500 r / min.

• In the "High Power" version, the 1.3-liter MZR engine develops a maximum output of 62 kW/84 hp at 6 000 r / min to a maximum torque of 121 Nm at 3500 r / min.

• The MZR 1.5-liter engine mated to a manual five-speed gearbox develops a maximum output of 75 kW/102 hp at 6 000 r / min for a couple of 133 Nm at 4 000 r / min.

• The MZR 1.5-liter engine with an automatic transmission four-speed develops a power of 75 kW/102 hp at 6 000 r / min for a couple of 133 Nm at 4 000 r / min.

• Engine 1.6-liter MZ-CD common-rail develops a power of 70 kW/95 hp (+5 hp) has 3800 rev / min to a maximum torque of 205 Nm available between 1,750 and 3,000 rev / min

• It offers a lower consumption of approx. 2% that of the current block diesel (4.2 l/100 km in the combined cycle) to a level lower CO2 emissions (just 110 g / km)

Chassis, Safety and Environment

Lightness, safety and cleanliness Despite its lightness, the Mazda2 is distinguished by its rigidity and robustness, two qualities she has to significant quantities of steel at high and ultra-high strength used in its crate. By combining a reduced weight and very resistant box, she reveals surprisingly agile, predictable in its behavior, environmentally friendly and extremely safe. The new Mazda2 facelift retains all the advantages of its predecessor by adding a suspension comfort even higher. To do this, the engineers of the brand improves the rigidity of the body on the outskirts of the suspension system without increasing its weight.

Like its predecessor, the Mazda2 facelift benefited from a perfectly healthy cockpit at all times as volatile organic compounds toluene kind, xylene, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and polyvinyl chloride are maintained there has actually minimal rates. Moreover, the Mazda2 facelift is totally devoid of lead, cadmium, mercury and chromium. Like all models of the brand, the Mazda2 facelift shows environmentally friendly has many other respects. For example, it responds to very strict Japanese standard ISO 22628 in being 95% recyclable. Its bumpers are made of a material allowing them to be recycled in and spray suppression screens or shields in new footrest.

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