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Boomerang 7 repere its 000th vehicle flying while its owner was camping in the woods

A new record which bears to this day find yourself the value of property has more than 350 million.

Boomerang Tracking Inc.., A leader in Canada in stolen vehicle tracking, is proud to announce the identification of his seven steals 000th vehicle equipped with a Boomerang tracking device. This new feat door property value found by Reperage Boomerang has over 350 million, demonstrating the significant impact of the company reduce the serious problem of theft of vehicles which is rife in Canada while attending the police forces apprehend professional thieves of vehicles and put them behind bars.

The identification of 7 000th vehicle, a 1998 Acura Integra, puts in evidence the fact that they are often popular vehicles that are targeted by thieves.

Peter Lambrinakos, Commander of the Police Department of the City of Montreal, notes that he has seen during the past two years that the thieves also targeted older vehicles. "Some thefts are committed by Joyriders not really specialized in the theft of vehicles, but are in search of an easy car to fly and can be used to commit other offenses. Other more professional thieves working for organized networks of flights vehicles that target these types of vehicles to sell the parts on the black market, "says Commander Lambrinakos.

What is going on during this 7 000th TRACKING?

While the owner of the 1998 Acura Integra camped in Ontario and was asleep in his tent, the Central Security Boomerang has the awoke 5:30 am because she had received an alarm from the notice of automatic flight device Boomerang Mr. Esposito. He confirmed that the vehicle had to be in front of his residence and if it moved, to immediately identify. Boomerang Tracking Team has found the vehicle in less than an hour, without damage, and notify the local police who then proceeded to the arrest of four robbers.

It was the first time that Mr. Esposito was experiencing theft of a vehicle. This is a client Reperage Boomerang from eight last year and chose to protect his Acura with a Boomerang device for peace of mind it provides. "I was half asleep when I received the call of the notice of the flight and it was like a dream, but I felt security. I had confidence in Boomerang and I knew that their tracking team would take care of my car in no time. I had nothing to fear, "commented Mr. Esposito. "The Acura is my first car and it's like my baby. I always watch over her. Since I've installed a Boomerang, I sleep better at night, I feel good and I have no sake! "says Esposito.

The need to protect

The neighbor Mr. Esposito was stolen his car three times and has never been found. "While it is true that most insurance covers the loss of a vehicle, drivers should expect to pay at least $ 2,500 out of pocket expenses related to the flight as the volatilized items in the vehicle, loss of use of vehicle, loss of the initial deposit, the eventual costs of car hire and increased insurance premiums on a replacement vehicle, "says Michael Lendick, Director of Security Boomerang Tracking. "Every driver has a hand to play to stop the theft of vehicles; it is essential that consumers play a proactive role in order to protect themselves. We believe that the driver uses more layers of protection, the vehicle will be more security. "

Learn how to protect your vehicle well

To inform people about how to properly protect their vehicles against theft, Boomerang Tracking has published the guide protection against theft of vehicles called the footsteps. It provides an overview of the state theft of vehicles in Canada and the four means of prevention against theft. A free electronic version is available at: / knowledge.

To view the testimony of the owner of our 7 000th identification, visit our channel on Youtube to

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Boomerang 7 repere its 000th vehicle flying while its owner was camping in the woods picture #3

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