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Porsche Camp4 Canada encourages drivers never winter!

The event winter driving three-day challenges drivers to enjoy the extremes of Porsche sports cars - and the Canadian climate!

As of late February 2011, 20 Porsche Cayman and 911 Carrera will gather in the snow, roaring engine and all lights on, laughing to the old adage that the high-performance sports cars should be garaged for the winter.

These gleaming brightly colored vehicles are the highlight of Camp4 Canada, a new driving experience offered by a three-day Porsche Cars Canada this winter. Driving these sports cars integral traction or propulsion of more than 300 horses, Camp4 Canada participants will have the opportunity to learn winter driving techniques extremely useful and explore many snowy slopes at Mecaglisse complex offers installations driving on ice or snow outside Montreal. Two courses with many turns with skid areas, all to allow drivers to explore the limits Porsche in safe & Controlled situations.

With base camp as the Fairmont Mont-Tremblant, Camp4 Canada is ideally situated in one of the most picturesque regions of the country. Participants from Canada, the United States and around the world will be blessed to discover spectacular winter scenery and to experience the 5 star hospitality for which Porsche Driving Experience events are recognized on a global scale. The region of Mont-Tremblant also allows participants to integrate Camp4 Canada in a longer stay in which they can enjoy the joys of winter and hit the slopes of the Laurentian mountains.

"Camp4 Canada is, somehow, the jewel of our winter marketing campaign" Never winter, "stated Jasmin Rawlinson, director of marketing, Porsche Canada. Also today we launch a new microsite "winter" on the website / neverhibernate. The microsite aims to convince potential buyers that all Porsche vehicles, including sports cars that are the basis of Camp4 Canada program, are machines all seasons and it is possible to drive even in winter with a little preparation and using techniques appropriate conduct. Customers can also expect to find display stands devoted to winter in our Porsche centers in Canada, with special offers on tires, rims and winter accessories. "

"We are very excited to welcome for the first time ever in Canada an event driving Camp4 added Joe Lawrence, president and general manager. Porsche has long offered an opportunity for drivers to acquire the skills to drive with precision, performance and mastery in all driving situations, even the most inclement. The focus of the three-day program Camp4 Canada aims to train the muscle memory of the participants to enable them to react in emergency situations and teach them how to drive with precision despite hazardous weather conditions in Canada, including special technical driving on ice and snow. "

Camp4 Canada is only one part of a more comprehensive program offered by Porsche winter driving on a global scale, including Camp4 events in Austria and Finland, as well as more sophisticated Camp4S and Ice Force to be held Frozen lakes on the Arctic Circle specially prepared for this purpose.

Porsche Canada held only four programs in three days of Camp4 Canada. First group of 20 to 23 February 2011; second group: from 23 to 26 February 2011; the third group: from 27 February to 2 March 2011; the fourth group. from 2 to 5 March 2011 The introductory price of $ 4995, valid only until November 30, includes accommodation, meals and transfers between the hotel and the site of the driving school . For booking, contact or visit 1-800-PORSCHE address

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