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GM prepares his return to scholarship

This is now done, the new General Motors-just deposit the documents required for his return on market stage.

GM has submitted to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) a series of documents in the name of General Motors, as it was also the case before the Company has recourse due to the billions of American taxpayers to avoid bankruptcy.

Risk a bet

At the moment, neither the price or number of shares to be issued have not been fixed. Depending on the conditions of the equity markets, GM could possibly go public by the end of the year.

According to some sources, it would be far preferable to the generous donors American and Canadian government that GM can return to the earlier award possible, even before the midterm elections in the United States to be held in November.

The current major shareholders are:

American Government: 61% (injection of U.S. $ 50 billion)

Canadian government and Ontario: 12% (7.1 and 3.5 billion CDN)

GM must convince his future shareholders by presenting their financial statements reassuring and especially a good renewal plan models that will win public favor.

The European division of General Motors, seems to have some hesitations to see the company return to scholarship as quickly after having frole bankruptcy a year ago ...

The action of GM would be listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto.

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