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Infiniti IPL G: Concours d'elegance and power

Division of cars and luxury vehicles Nissan Infiniti advantage of holding the 60th edition of the Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach for a great present its world premiere cut G "Infiniti Performance Line".

This new declination cutter G benefited from aesthetic additions which give it a more aggressive silhouette. In addition, it is available in only two colors: Graphite and Monaco Red. Under the hood, the engine sees its power increase is 348 hp and torque reaching 276 lb-ft.

In the latter, is added nothing less than the collection "Infiniti Performance Line" which will eventually be available in other product lines Infiniti signs.

The Infiniti IPL G will cut its entry in Canadian dealerships in March 2011.

Here is the statement issued by Nissan Canada:


The "Infiniti Performance Line ™" launches spectacular new cutting IPL G 348 horses

- This trend breaker G is the first of a new range of vehicles designed in a high performance optical -

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Aug. 12 / CNW / - Infiniti today launches its collection vehicles axes on performance, the Infiniti Performance Line ™, by presenting the world premiere of its new cutting IPL G 348 horses. The launch of this collection, which was already great noise was held as part of an exclusive event at the 60th Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, which takes place annually. The Infiniti Performance Line G cup 2011 first vehicle serial Infiniti Performance Line range, will make its entry at Infiniti dealers in Canada in March 2011, thus enhancing the range of vehicles Infiniti luxury high performance.

"The collection Infiniti Performance Line, or IPL, aims to redefine the outstanding performance of Infiniti vehicles. The collection is in fact founded on a new design of the overall performance of the vehicle that goes beyond the power and acceleration of the engine, "stated Wendy Durward, Director, Infiniti Canada. "The IPL is the promise of collection vehicles dotes unique and exclusive qualities in terms of the conduct and design, which differ from those of other models in each range of Infiniti Infiniti vehicles selected. Can be expected in the future that has several performance vehicles are added to the IPL cup 2011 IPL G in this collection. "

The vehicles of the Infiniti Performance Line range are aimed at buyers seeking performance luxury vehicles high reflecting individual style particularly heal. The design of vehicles IPL, which will be produced in limited number, based on the exquisite aesthetic that makes the reputation of Infiniti and quality manufacturing of Japanese cars. These vehicles are also distinguished by their characteristics of luxury and outstanding performance, which result in changes on the outside, inside, the tuning of the engine and suspension.

"The IPL collection was conceived of after a new vision for high performance, going beyond the development of equipment, better embodies the" Inspired Performance "Infiniti", has said Durward. "This collection harmoniously combines various of the elements: style and performance, sound system Exhaust and acceleration feel, ride comfort and road holding reliable. In short, it is the ideal formula for an exhilarating ride. "

The IPL models will be distinguished by their unique engine cover and a special shield on their chest. The shield IPL was designed in order to reinforce the message and spirit of IPL solid. The letter "I" has a touch of red representing the sporting spirit of the brand, while the "shadow" violet colors Infiniti looming behind, resembles a flag symbolizing the promise of Infiniti "Inspired Performance".

The IPL G cup

The 2011 IPL G cut originated in the second generation of Infiniti G has cut back propulsion, significant changes have been made to the entire vehicle. The unique exterior breaker IPL G account including bumpers and front and rear fascia with unique design with integrated fog lights and black lights, sculpted side sills, a rear spoiler and a pot of exhaust with chrome tips. Each room is thought to accentuate the style bold and seductive cutter G. With graphite finish wheels 19 inch 7-spoke twinned IPL has exclusive and high-performance tires Bridgestone Potenza low waist RE50A beside W, cutting the IPL G radiates confidence and eagerness to devour the road. The IPL G cup is available in two exterior colors: Graphite Shadow and Malbec Black.

The interior of cut G IPL, designed to harmonize with the bodywork of the vehicle is available in two colors: Graphite and Monaco Red (was inside, the color red is only available with the Malbec Black body and automatic box has 7 reports). In the inside of all sections IPL G, we find seats front sport leather adorn red bites with thigh support extension has adjustable manual, a driver's seat with supports for the torso and thighs has electric adjustment, a wheel adorns red bites, garnish Silk Obi aluminum as well as pedals and footrest in aluminum.

Other features offered as standard equipment in the interior of the vehicle include sound Studio on Wheels Infiniti Bose ® top quality, the navigation system Infiniti Hard Drive, a Music Box Hard Drive 9.3 GB, the system Infiniti Voice Recognition for sound and navigation, a system of memorization of the position of the driver's seat, steering wheel and exterior mirrors, a rearview camera, a sonar system at the rear and a sunroof (these features are optional on models section G that are not part of the IPL range).

The high-end performance of cutting IPL G results from the synergy of three technological components: engine tuning, dynamic tuning and adjustment of the sound quality and the feeling of acceleration. Changes have been made to the engine performance not only to increase the power and torque, but also to create a sensation of acceleration and change the sound of the exhaust pipe system without compromising fuel economy and respecting the noise standards.

The exhaust system has a high flow own IPL range is fully equips dual and large independent pipes left and right. The structure and materials of the silencer have been optimized to reduce the pressure and adjust the sound of the exhaust system depending on the performance of the vehicle. These settings have given rise to a 30% reduction of the pressure of the exhaust relative to the pressure generated by the system Exhaust Y a G cup base.

The system improves engine management VQ37HR 3.7-liter V6 cutter G was recalibrated using a mixture of air and fuel by optimizing the ignition sequence, which has contributed to spend the maximum power of 7000 r / min 7400 r / min. In order to produce a natural acceleration feel, the power curve between low engine revolution and the maximum torque point (5,200 rpm / min) was settled to ensure linearity. With changes to the exhaust system and engine management system, the engine cut IPL G generates 348 horsepower - an increase of 18 horsepower compared to models not part of the IPL range - and a couple of 276 lb-ft (6 lb-ft more).

"The first thing you notice when you take the wheel of the IPL G cup, this is the feeling of acceleration that generates and powerful sound it produces. This deep crescendo is in perfect harmony with the feeling of acceleration of the vehicle at the rate of the increase in engine speed, "said Durward. "The sound, pure and inspiring, adds to the driving pleasure that confer 348 horses located under the hood. "

The dynamic performance of cutting IPL G proves equally inspiring, offering reliable handling and a comfortable ride and smooth. The suspension calibration of the model IPL and damping system are designed to optimize all elements of the suspension, allowing the vehicle to accede to the road effectively without uncomfortable vibrations affect the conduct. The stiffness of the springs front and rear has been increased by respectively 20% and 10% compared to G cup base. The shock absorbers have also been adjusted to establish a new standard for outstanding performance.

The IPL G section offers also a sports steering mechanism and large sports brakes 4-wheel calipers has opposing aluminum alloy pistons (4 piston at the front and 2-piston at the rear) and a viscous slip differential limit.

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