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2011 Chevrolet Volt: A guarantee battery for 8 years

Chevrolet Volt has faith in the offering in Canada, an eight-year warranty or 160,000 km on the battery.

    * Guarantee long battery duration of the Volt the most comprehensive among all electric vehicles.

    * All 161 battery components are valid to withstand the extremes of temperature, road surface and driving style.

    * The battery factory GM Brownstown Township, Michigan, will commence current production in August.

The electric vehicle Chevrolet Volt has autonomy offer prolonged, serial, with Canada customers unmatched warranty of eight years or 160,000 kilometers on its lithium-ion evolved. This is the warranty on a longer battery and the most complete of any industry for an electric vehicle and transferable at no cost to the buyer for any occasion Volt.

"The batteries of the Chevrolet Volt have exceeded our performance targets and are ready to take the route" says Micky Bly, general director of global electrical systems for GM. "Our customers are making a commitment to technology that will reduce our dependence on oil. In return, we promise to provide our customers a high level of value, safety, quality, performance and reliability that allows us to offer this unprecedented warranty of 8 years or 160,000 km. "

Full warranty on the Volt battery covers 161 components thereof, designed 95% by GM, and all components of the system thermal management, system load and electrical controls.

The Volt is the only electric vehicle that can run in all weather and driving conditions without the driver having to fear of being caught unawares due to a depleted battery. It possesses a range of over 500 km and is still supplied with electricity. For journeys of up to 64 km, the Volt is powered only by electricity stored in a lithium-ion 16 kWh, without consuming fuel or emit in emission. When charging the lithium-ion Volt becomes low, an engine / generator takes over discreetly to add 480 km of autonomy with a full fuel tank.

Volt Freedom Drive

ADVANCED battery lithium-ion Volt is designed to provide value, safety, quality, performance, durability and reliability that customers expect from Chevrolet. Among the main features of the battery include the following:

    * Thermal management for durability and reliability: The Volt is the only electric vehicle of mass market, which is endowed with a battery that can be heated or cooled. The battery is designed to work reliably when connected to as low as -25 degrees Celsius and as high as 50 degrees Celsius temperatures. In cold weather, the battery will be preheated for the load to be able to reach its full power. In hot weather - the most difficult conditions for a battery - the Volt battery can be refreshed during charging. The system thermal management fluid Volt can also be powered during driving by the battery or engine / generator.

    * Diagnostics for safety and performance of the management system of the Volt battery continuously control the battery in real time for optimum performance. More than 500 diagnoses made 10 times per second monitors the battery pack from the Volt; 85% of diagnoses ensure the safe operation of the battery pack and the other 15% keep track of the performance and service life of the batteries.

    * Design Elements and chemistry for performance and efficiency: The choice of a GM design prismatic elements and chemical composition lithium-ion manganese spinels LG Chem aims to obtain a high output power sustainable and maintaining the temperature at a suitable level. This configuration provides more vivid accelerations and increases the braking capability to increase the recovery efficiency of the vehicle.

    * Energy Management for Sustainability: A complete or total exhaustion of a battery shortens its life span load. The management system of the energy of the Volt defend the full load or total exhaustion of the battery. The Volt battery has upper and lower buffer zones that extend its life span.

Tests for durability, reliability, safety and performance

Since 2007, GM engineers have completed more than 1.6 million kilometers and four million hours of validation testing of battery packs for the Volt even as each of the nine modules and 288 elements. The teams development, validation and testing have met thousands of specifications and validate each component of the Volt battery. GM conducts tests against short circuit, corrosion, dust, shock, immersion in water, crushing and penetration and extreme temperature differentials, a combined cycle uncompromising driving dynamics .

Ready for production

The GM plant in Brownstown Township, which began production in January batteries prototypes will soon be in the manufacture of batteries in series.

GM First Battery Build

"We are accelerating the pace to satisfy the customer and ensure that the launch of the Volt is on schedule," stated Nancy Laubenthal, Director of Brownstown battery plant. "Last August, we announced an investment in the Brownstown facility and in January we produced our first block full batteries. Now we are finishing pre-series production to begin soon in series production. "

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