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Chevrolet Volt: First contact with the president of the United States

- Obama is behind the wheel of the Chevrolet Volt

- First contact the U.S. President with the electric car during a visit in Michigan

The president of the United States Barack Obama has lately been a first contact with the Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicle, and is seated at the wheel during a visit to the Compact Power battery plant, located at Holland in the state of Michigan, United States. LG Chem, which is a subsidiary Compact Power, manufactures battery cells for the Volt that marketing take place at the end of the year on a few selected markets in the United States.

The Volt has a range exceeding 500 km, and animated by its electric motor at all times. During the first 60 km, the Volt runs only by electricity stored in its lithium-ion battery of 16 kWh. It consumes no fuel and produces no emissions. When the lithium-ion Volt is discharged, an engine / generator seamlessly operates to bring autonomy road almost 500 km with a full tank.

The battery of the Volt will be assembled Brownstown Township, Michigan, and then be sent to the assembly plant in Detroit to be coupled to the Volt. Chevrolet announced at the beginning of the week that customers in the United States would benefit from a guarantee of eight years or 160,000 kilometers on the Volt battery.

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