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The Super Production Challenge, a series that has the wind in its sails

Or the first time I attended a program of this new series there three years, it was at Circuit ICAR, if my memory is good. I was wondering what the friend Dominic St-Jean, the creator and webmaster had in mind with this new project.

I remember having a conversation with the race very much Dominic requests from officials of the series as drivers. I'm still around for my photo story until it can take a few minutes of his precious time to tell me about her baby, the Super Production Challenge. I listen to his explanation carefully "After the cessation of the activities of XTreme Touring in 2008, quebecois pilots had two possibilities, the quebecois GT series or the Canadian Tourism (CTCC). Very quickly, a majority of drivers here have realized that the significant costs required to participate in the national series exceeded the financial capacity of several beginners and veterans owners of racing cars from a few years in some cases.

During the next two seasons, 2009 and 2010, pilots and others close to the middle again wanted a new series for passenger cars. Many pilots wonder at different times to take care of the dossier including Jacques Gravel, very involved in the pilot community for ten years, and JC Cote, pilot and marketing specialist who tried to convince me to m ' involved. "

After a few meetings, Dominic agrees to consider the project and is responsible for preparing the feasibility study. The number of cars available was important because Quebec was the first province in Canada to adopt the Touring race format in 2001.

On 30 December 2010, the decision to launch the Super Production Challenge was taken. The Quebec offer a new racing touring cars, but this time using an innovative concept that would appeal to many.

For the story:

For the first time, the power cars would determine the minimum weight allowing free changes to the cars. Simple on paper, this formula must be modified for the 2013 season, taking into consideration the couple equation. On 4 June 2011, a small platoon of 14 cars took the departure of the inaugural 45-minute ordeal. At the end of 4 rendezvous spot for a total of 7 tests, Karl and Nick Wittmer are champions on board a Honda Civic Si-R Team Lombardi Honda. If the number of participants was rather thin, the foundations were now in place for the second act in 2012.

The 2012 season will be the Yves Bedard years. Second in 2011, Bedard clinched the top title in hand winning 7 of 8 races of the season. It will leave a victory David Gosselin at ICAR. The Calabogie Motorsport Park is added to the calendar, and a new division for sub compact cars. Maxime Vincent will be the first champion of the new class.

For its third season, the SPC adds circuit Sanair a schedule which now has five appointments. The Akina tires used since 2011 to make way BF Goodrich tires. This season, hotly contested, crown Marc Heroux on Acura RSX Type S. In the compact division, Patrik Wittmer wins the title. Six different drivers win a victory, a record for a series of touring cars in Quebec.

After observing the progression of the series during its first three years, it was at the last exit of the 2012 season that I met on behalf of Flagworld Communications, the director of the series to propose an idea original that came to me in mind for a couple of seasons.

Flagworld offered to sponsor the Flagworld Cup to be awarded to the pilot and crew who received the most votes and official media for the most beautiful car in the Challenge. Dominic St-Jean found the idea interesting and we agreed on the terms as well as the place has Flagworld leave the series in Sections News & Photos Site

Flagworld the Cup was awarded for the first time at the season-ending banquet in a restaurant in 2013 in Trois-Rivieres. It is equipped Target Racing Team which was the first recipient with its magnificent Nissan 350Z driver Eric Jacques from.

Our association will continue in the coming seasons.

2014, more than 30 drivers are expected. Sanair circuit will place new road Autodrome Montmagny. Five appointments consist calendar 2014 for a total of 10 races.

A championship of this magnitude could not have the success without a dedicated management team, competent and available to all drivers that the media has the lookout for information.


Director Series: Dominic St-Jean

Chief Commissioner Yves St-Jean

Technical chief inspector Luc Beaupre

Commissioner & Deputy Inspector Richard Leduc

Assistant Commissioner of the serie: Jean-Francois Dupont

Deputy Inspector - Telemetry & balance: Jean-Francois Labonte

Accreditation: Carole Legris

Hospitality: Jocelyne Beaupre

The trophies and winners of last seasons Super Production Challenge


2011 - Karl & Nick Wittmer Wittmer

2012 - Yves Bedard

2013 - Marc Heroux


2012 - Maxime Vincent

2013 - Patrik Wittmer


Each season, the Super Production Challenge awarded the rookie of the year in road racing driver debutant who accumulates the most points in the final general classification.

For the 2013 season, the Laval company, Perry Performance, Performance Perry launches trophy.

This trophy is awarded annually to the best rookie and is accompanied by a prize of $ 1,000 in products competition at Perry Performance.

2011 - Kevin Bastien

2012 - Pierre Clavet

2013 - Jean-Michel Lavoie


The Super Production Challenge launches in 2012 Trophee Marcel Auger in honor of the deceased champion in 1992 in a race for GT car.

This annual trophy is given to the pilot of the series who had the best sportsmanship, having been the most perseverant, the most positive and most passionate in the season, the qualities that describe Marcel Auger well.

2012 - Patrick Michaud

2013 - Jean-Michel Isabelle


The Super Production Challenge Cup starts in 2012 dealers. This cup is awarded annually to a dealer or supporting participants with SPC accumulates the most points in the championship. These points are cumulated their best car each race, according to the same scale points as manufacturers.

2012 - Vincent Group

2013 - Honda Ste-Rose


The Super Production Challenge launches in 2012 Trophee Super Production Challenge.

This annual trophy is given to the pilot - or the team - having been the best ambassador of Super Production Challenge, by its presence, commitment, his dedication and a positive image of the series.

2012 - Ingolstadt Competition

2013 - CMH Racing Team

TROPHY AUTOCOURSE.CA was launched in 2012 Trophee This annual trophy is given to the pilot - or the team - is being the most outstanding in the media, on social networks or in promotional events for its presence and distribution of its press releases.

2012 - Ste-Rose Honda Racing

2013 - Legris Racing


Flagworld Communication launches in 2013 Flagworld Cup. This annual cutting endowed a scholarship is awarded to the driver - or the team - who obtained the greatest number of votes of the media and officials for the most beautiful car of the series at the annual appointment at ICAR.

2013 - Eric Jacques / Target Racing Team


Mixcom Communication has launched in 2013 the trophy Mixcom. This trophy is awarded to the team that presented the most spectacular social networks the video sequence of the current season championship SPC.

2013 - Ingolstadt Competition


Kart-O-Mania was launched in 2013, the Performance Trophy Kart-O-Mania. This trophy is awarded to the driver - or the team - having realized an outstanding performance during the season.

2013 - Eric Durand (being the only driver who completes the 602.8 km race.)


For 2014, the Super Production Challenge launches a new trophy that will add spice to the track, the Quebec Cup. This award will be presented to the region of Quebec with the best drivers. At each race, the best driver for each administrative region of Quebec present score points for its region. Of course, we will follow with interest the new season which confirms its calendar 2014.

May 19 Autodrome Saint-Eustache

June 1 Autodrome Montmagny

July 05-06 Circuit ICAR Mirabel

Calabogie Motorsports Park on August 23, Ont.

October 11 Autodrome Saint-Eustache

The first tests will be held on May 18 to the Autodrome St. Eustache

Good season all involved in Super Production Challenge 2014.

Michel Flageole for

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