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2011 Chevrolet Volt: Essays in the desert of Arizona

The Chevrolet Volt undergoes heat of Arizona

Engineers for the Chevrolet Volt, the summer is synonymous with testing under the sun. To do this, they chose the General Motors test center located in the desert of Arizona, one of the hottest regions that are.

While the Volt is designed to operate in all climates, a test or Hot Soak Evaluation, is to ride in the desert while the temperature inside the cabin can reach 79 degrees C (175 degrees F) .

The engineers are literally "cook" the Volt under the sun for several hours, then they put it on and are testing all electrical accessories; then they roll on the handling circuit to determine if squeaks and rattles occur. In addition, they check if the doors closed remain in contact with the seals of the interior of the Volt as they are cool cabin air through the air conditioning system has high efficiency.

"The car performed very well," stated Steve Pratt, chief engineer tests durability. "The temperature of the passenger had reached 59 degrees C (138 degrees F), but the air conditioning system has lowered the temperature to a comfortable level for driving. "

Although the Volt has no hitch for towing, engineers frequently make him undergo tests load slope. To do this, the engineers used a dynamometer Towing which can simulate montees infinity in areas where the slope is between 2% and 10%; this way, a resistance is applied to the engine and frame of the Volt in order to determine its performance in the uphills, while the outside temperature exceeds 38 degrees C (100 degrees F).

Two to three times per day, the Volt also undergoes cyclic tests city. During these tests, the battery receives an increased thermal load of the electrical energy generated as a result of repeated use of steering, air conditioning system, accessories and components. In this way, the engineers want to ensure that no problem related to the generation of heat is present. The Volt only got good results during the tests realized in city driving.

In fact, the Volt has very well withstands stress she suffered during these tests; however, rigorous trials continue since it is an electric vehicle all seasons.

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