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A return to school safely

On the occasion of the return to school, the Association of Quebec schoolboy transport (ATEQ) wishes to remind the public, parents and school authorities in particular, the transport of school children by school bus is 16 times safer than any other mode of transport. It is revealed that a study of Transport Canada. Indeed, the same design of this type of vehicle makes it adapts to this young clientele and it offers greater protection.

"In addition to using this highly secure vehicle, all school carriers are assured that all drivers possess their certificate of compulsory jurisdiction and review all safety rules and regulations affecting the conduct of such vehicles" has insisted the president of the Association, Mr. Gaston Lemay.

Whereas the safety of some 560,000 schoolchildren transported is also a collective responsibility, the President of the ATEQ request the cooperation of parents and educators who must adequately inform schoolchildren of the rules to follow in the vicinity of vehicles, as well as collaboration road users who need to remain alert and cautious when crossing or following a school bus.

In this period of the return to school, Mr. Lemay is launching a special message to each of these groups:


• Make your children present themselves sufficiently in advance to the bus stop

  to avoid races and shoving a boarding.

• Remind your child has the basic safety rules, including those of

  Move away from the vehicle they descend, make sure to always be visible from

  driver and, more particularly, if they must cross to the vehicle, walk

  at least ten feet in front of the vehicle and wait for the driver's signal before


• If you must go near the school yard with your car, free space

  to allow buses to travel safely and make sure your children

  were not to cross the street in front of or behind your vehicle.

Directions to schools, which support school children upon arrival of the bus to school until departing for back home:

• Keep a severe discipline around school buses (including no

  race, no traffic between vehicles).

• Remember the key rules of safety during assembly or in the classroom.

Motorists when crossing or follow a school bus:

• Observe the flashing lights and stop more than 5 meters from the bus. Failure to

  to stop the flashing lights of a school bus exposes you to a 9 demerit points

  your driving record and a fine between $ 200 and $ 300.

• Observe signs and speed limits in school zones.

• Learn to predict the unpredictable presence in school buses. The clientele is young,

  often distracted.

To all:

• Be careful in the presence of school buses can save lives, perhaps even the

  your own child!

"If the population has joined our carriers and remain vigilant throughout the school year, the school children will be security. Thus, we can maintain an excellent safety record, "held to emphasize Mr. Lemay.

Recall that the Association schoolboy Transport Quebec includes the majority of school bus in Quebec, which represents more than 9,500 vehicles traveling over a million kilometers per day.

Source: Association of Quebec schoolboy transport

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