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Quebec for greener than ever

The Renault-Nissan Alliance and its partners quebecois undertakings to zero-emission cars

The Renault-Nissan Alliance today announced that Nissan Canada has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Quebec, the City of Montreal, the City of Quebec, Hydro-Quebec and the Agency to Energy Efficiency of Quebec, to advance transportation zero-emission in Quebec. The parties will work together to plan the necessary charging infrastructure and promote the use of zero-emission cars in Quebec.

"This agreement represents a further step in our demarche which will lead, in the coming months, the delivery of the government's action plan on electric vehicles," said the Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife, Nathalie Normandeau . "We are planning a series of concrete actions that will enable us to establish conditions conducive to the arrival of electric vehicles in Quebec. As 97% of the electricity that is produced from clean and renewable sources, the Quebec has several advantages to promote the implementation of electric vehicles. "

"The Renault-Nissan Alliance is determined to play a leading global role in transportation zero-emission, since these are among the best solutions to fight against CO2 emissions," announced Mr. Mark Grimm , President of Nissan Canada Inc. "We look forward to bringing the Nissan LEAF Quebec, only car series has offered a zero issuance affordable. Our partners have already shown their willingness to fight against the emissions of greenhouse gas emissions, and we are convinced that this collaboration will be more productive. "

Thierry Vandal, president and chief executive officer of Hydro-Quebec, added that "today's announcement fits perfectly within our strategic Plan 2009-2013 and other already launched by Hydro-initiatives Quebec. This MOU will enable us to promote the electrification of transport and work closely with key partners to plan the arrival of electric vehicles on the quebecois network. "

The MOU will bring together representatives of each organization that will seek all the best ways to educate the local and regional Quebecois scales on the many benefits of zero-emission cars.

"Montreal is a true leader in the reduction of GHG emissions," stated Alan DeSousa, vice-president of the executive committee of the city of Montreal and Head of Finance, Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks. "The Memorandum of Understanding signed with our partners meets the objectives of sustainable development plans and transportation Montreal. It lets our agglomeration to acquire a notoriety to scale North American in the field of electric vehicles and help us reach our goal of 30% reduction of emissions of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. "

The mayor of Quebec, Mr. Regis Labeaume further: "This partnership is part of the continuity of efforts to develop Quebec sustainable modes of transport. The establishment of Écolobus service, non-polluting and silent walking the streets of Old Quebec electric minibus is a great success! Écolobus contributes to maintain environmental quality in the capital. "

Nissan, in the framework of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, spared no effort to turn all the electric cars affordable in the world. Commercialization in Canada of the Nissan LEAF, a five-seater car will begin in selected markets, particularly in Quebec, by the end of 2011.

By signing this MOU, the Quebec comes the ranks of global initiatives to promote zero-emission cars.

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