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Toyota Prius Alpha: The family will grow

In less than a year, Toyota will debute marketing a brand new Prius called alpha. It will therefore be the second member of a new range of vehicles bearing the Prius name.

In all likelihood, the newcomer would be available on the Japanese automobile chessboard of next February and would make his debut before the public under the Motor Show in Geneva in March 2011. His start globally follow a few months .

Toyota Prius Alpha

The Prius family is going to make way for a new model of compact crossover types. Aesthetic dimension, it is estimated that this car would inherit forms of European Verso model but whose dimensions are slightly higher. There is talk of a length that could be around 4770 mm in the elongated release. It plans to offer this vehicle in two versions, versions are in five and seven passengers.

Faithful to the HSD technology

It goes without saying that the Toyota Prius Alpha will be powered by a hybrid powertrain or almost similar to that of the original Prius. Here, the 'Hybrid Synergy Drive' technology will give way to a pair of atmospheric electric motors and a higher power but the fuel economy is barely higher than that of the Prius sedan.

It would appear as a new lithium-ion both more compact and more efficient. Finally, there is a good chance that this newcomer can enjoy the Plug-In Hybrid Technology ...

Toyota Prius Alpha: The family will grow picture #1

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