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Infiniti QX 56 2011: From $ 73,000 as in 2010

Power, performance and technological characteristics of the new Infiniti luxury SUV makes a jewel of the year 2011 at a price of 2010 -

Infiniti Canada today announces pricing for all-new 2011 Infiniti QX, which presents several significant improvements compared to its predecessor the 2010, including a 25% superior power, increased fuel economy, more luxury , comfort on the road and some of the most advanced technologies Infiniti.

The QX 2011, which will be available at dealerships this summer, offers a range of advanced technology systems, which include the detection systems and lane departure prevention Infiniti meme that the device Around View Monitor ™. A system of monitoring and death aid control of the angle distance are also offered. The new QX 2011 comes in two models - the QX56 4WD seven-seat Infiniti QX56 4WD and has eight seats Infiniti - maintain its MSRP of $ 73,000 in 2010, the Technology Package being offered as an option was $ 8,000.

"We wanted to offer buyers luxury SUV vehicle with a redesigned lines, more fuel efficient and user-friendly technology has endowed the forefront of the industry, without asking a higher price," said Wendy Durward, Director Infiniti Canada. "We designed the spot with the new QX. "

The new QX 2011 draws its power from a new V8 engine of 5.6 l, to enjoy at the same time the response of acceleration characteristic of the VVEL technology (distribution levee and duration variable aperture) Infiniti and to Energy Efficiency conferred by the vehicle engine has direct injection (DIGMC) and automatic transmission has seven gears. Developping 400 hp (an increase of 25% compared to the model 2010) and a torque of 413 lb-ft, the QX is not afraid of work and can tow loads like a boat or trailer (towing force of 8,500 lb ) while offering lower fuel consumption by more than 10% that of the previous generation QX.

Unique body QX features an interior that gives pride to the luxury and convenience. The presentation includes, as standard equipment, the navigation system Infiniti Hard Drive, a system of high quality Bose ® audio system has two channels and 13 speakers of seats in perforated semi-aniline leather and a DVD system with two 7-inch color screens allowing passengers to enjoy different entertainment activities at the same time. In addition, the QX 2011 offers plenty of room for passengers in the first and second row, the space allocated to luggage being equally generous.

"We designed the new QX a way it is the most attractive SUVs on the market," stated Durward. "We combine the power and capabilities sought by the consumer with the luxury and technology that make the fame Infiniti, all offered at the same competitive than the previous generation QX prices. "

Infiniti QX 56 2011: From $ 73,000 as in 2010 picture #1

Infiniti QX 56 2011: From $ 73,000 as in 2010 picture #2

Infiniti QX 56 2011: From $ 73,000 as in 2010 picture #3

Infiniti QX 56 2011: From $ 73,000 as in 2010 picture #4

Infiniti QX 56 2011: From $ 73,000 as in 2010 picture #5

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