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Toyota Yaris Hybrid: Assembly in Japan and France

The Japanese automaker confirmed that the future Toyota Yaris hybrid available on European markets will be assembled Valenciennes plant in France. This is quite normal since this plant already assembles the small Yaris.

A factory or was already assembled over 270,000 units per year and has over 3000 salaries. Today, production is experiencing a significant decline by the fact that the current Yaris is due for a major overhaul.

It goes without saying that future Toyota Yaris hybrid will be part of the next version of the extremely popular small car.

The announcement of "PRECIPITATED" and very little detailed by the marketing services Toyota is a relatively terse response to the announcement and especially to the presence at the Paris Motor Show Paris of the future Honda Jazz (Fit) a propulsion hybrid.

For other markets around the world, we can readily imagine that the hybrid version of the next Toyota Yaris will also assembled a Japanese factory Nagakusa.

The production of the hybrid version of the Toyota Yaris future will begin in 2012.

Small hybrid in America

The very cautious of our southern neighbors for small cars or even sense for hybrid cars could prevent the Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris hybrid to be offered in North America.

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