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The vehicles sold in Mexico are less safe

Car coming out of the assembly line in Mexico may seem identical but they are not all as safe as each other.

The vehicles intended for consumers in Mexico or in the broader work of Latin America PRESENT code meaning they do not need to be equipped with anti-lock brakes, an electronic control system for stability or even more than two airbags.

These are engineers who have worked in the Mexican automotive industry who have denounced this situation. Their output is not gone unnoticed in a country or road tragedies multiply. According to the national department of transport, in 2011, nearly 5,000 drivers and passengers perished in the streets of Mexico, which represented a 58 percent increase compared to 2001.

During the same period, in American soil, fatalities have declined by about 40 percent. I must say that the car intended to take the path of the United States and Europe must meet safety criteria sharp. For example, they must be equipped with six to ten airbags and a mechanism to promote driving on slippery roads.

Despite this marked difference between the two territories, the Mexican government refuses to add new security measures to general requirements that relate to seatbelt.

For cons, the leaders of Brazil and Argentina have passed laws that have the effect that the next year, each vehicle must be equipped with two front airbags and antilock brakes.

Source: The Canadian Press

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