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Chinese BYD in America?

    -you're ready to buy a fabricated car in China?

    -you're ready to buy a Chinese car assembled in America?

There are not too long, this is the first question that came to us automatically head when we spoke in our marketing a vehicle 'Made in China'.

But here the second hypothesis may well realize and very soon.

BYD dream was to settle in the United States

BYD, which stands for 'Build Your Dreans' is first and foremost a designer and manufacturer of lithium-ion global reputation. Currently, he is the 2nd largest manufacturer of this type of battery in the world. Note that the latter conceives and produces since 2003, its own vehicles.

The Chinese manufacturer has already announced it would sell in Europe in 2011 its first assembled vehicles in China, is now looking to come together with our neighbors to the south one or more models.

According to information obtained so far, BYD would set up its head office and factory in California. A place where they sell the most vehicles in America to own a builder who intends to become a giant in the design and marketing of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Coincidentally, there was an assembly plant that closes the doors and there is a sale. This is the NUMMI (New United Motor Manufacturing Inc..) That manufacturers-General Motors and Toyota used for assembling some of their models, including the popular Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix. It was located in Fremont, California.

Here is a new approach from the Chinese manufacturer can not be alien to the participation of billionaire Warren Buffet stake in BYD ...

Chinese BYD in America? picture #1

Chinese BYD in America? picture #2

Chinese BYD in America? picture #3

Chinese BYD in America? picture #4

Chinese BYD in America? picture #5

Chinese BYD in America? picture #6

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