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Investment and job creation at GM Canada

Confirmation of the production of the next generation of engines compact block factory Powertrain St. Catharines

          o Investment of $ 235 million that will create 400 jobs.

          o The plant will manufacture the next generation of energy-efficient compact engine block.

GM Canada today announced an investment of 235 million engine plant in St. Catharines for the construction of the next generation of energy-efficient motors GM. This investment represents up to 400 jobs at the factory.

"This new mark another step in the implementation of our development strategy of powertrain technologies in energetics improves performance and satisfaction of our clientele," stated Kevin Williams, president of GM Canada. "This investment for engines St. Catharines added to all the others that have been made in Canada. This is great news for employees, the CAW, dealers, suppliers and all affected communities. "

Engine block has compact next generation will offer impressive energy efficiency thanks to direct injection technology and a combustion system evolves new design. This new family only contain aluminum engine blocks, more lightweight and offering better energy efficiency. In addition run on E85 ethanol, these motors are designed to meet emission standards become more stringent in the course of this decade.

Some other investments made in Canadian factories and announcements recently:

    * Oshawa assembly plant

          o Adding a third shift in October in order to build the Chevrolet Equinox, which will be recalled to work 600 employees.

          o Add, in the fourth quarter of this year, a second shift on the chain flexible manufacturing, in order to make the Buick Regal and Chevrolet Camaro Convertible, which will be recalled to work 700 employees.

    * CAMI Automotive

          o The recent addition of a third shift will be recalled to work 350 employees.

          o An investment of $ 96 million has been performed to support the ongoing development in this plant, which has 230 employees recalled to work and to hire 70 new employees.

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