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Toyota Environmental Exhibition "Green Living"

The future of sustainable transportation and latest in sustainable technology environment show "Living Green", from April 23 to 25

The hybrid Toyota Prius plug of Canada will exposed to the event and is also sponsor of the Farm Fresh Fare.

Decides to better control their environmental footprint, Torontonians go to the salon environment Green Living Toronto this weekend. As participating salons Green Living since their launch, Toyota proudly exhibiting its hybrid Prius and plug sponsor exclusively Farm Fresh Fare.

"Toyota is committed to supporting sustainable lifestyles that Canadians are looking to reduce their environmental footprint, has said Sandy Di Felice, Director, Manager, External Affairs, Toyota Canada Inc. Our hybrid Prius plug is the latest evolution the long-term commitment to a Toyota help companies to benefit the future of a viable means of transport with extraordinary energy efficiency and excellent performance at emission, while giving drivers more control over their environmental footprint. "

Toyota Canada is the exclusive sponsor and presenter of the Farm Fresh Fare the Green Living Show, which allows visitors to taste a sustainable food from local farmers and producers and prepared by chefs from Toronto.

"Toyota has a long history showing his concern for the environment and the communities in which our customers and employees live, work and play, stated Sandy Di Felice. Sponsorship of events like the Farm Fresh Fare is an example of that commitment. "

Exposure of the hybrid Prius (PHV)

The hybrid Prius (PHV) is exposed to the booth Toyota Canada, giving visitors the opportunity to view firsthand the evolution of the high-tech vehicle the most popular on the planet. The hybrid Prius plug all the benefits of a conventional automobile, plus a special energy efficiency and outstanding performance at the broadcasts, and it gives drivers a better control over their environmental footprint.

The hybrid Prius plug provides all the comfort, convenience and versatility of an intermediate vehicle has a conventional powertrain, in addition to the remarkable efficiency of the hybrid system's most proven in the world - the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive. Better yet, when the battery is fully charged, the Prius hybrid plug can reach a top speed exceeding 100 kilometers per hour thanks to the energy of its battery alone, and offers a range of about 20 km with the only electrical energy. Research carried out to study the driving habits of Canadians indicate that this performance will satisfy the needs of most daily displacements.

"The Prius PHV represents an important step forward in the transformation of the automotive industry to reduce the use of conventional liquid fuels, and we are already being tested five models Prius PHV in Canada under the actual test situation Toyota performs on a global scale in order to prepare us to offer motorists the world a hybrid plug, "says Sandy Di Felice.

Savour dishes from Farm Fresh Fare and press local and sustainable food production

The Farm Fresh Fare, which is sponsored by Toyota Canada and presented by Evergreen and Slow Food Toronto, offers a superb menu of dishes made with locally produced sustainable foods that are sure to please foodies. Better yet, the funds generated by this popular exhibition will be used to support charitable activities Evergreen and Slow Food Toronto, including the creation of programs gardens in schools in the region of Greater Toronto.

"We work with Evergreen for years in the program The Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds, which transforms the concrete and asphalt over hundreds of schools across the country in a game environment and learning naturalizes, has said Sandy Di Felice. We are pleased to have this new opportunity to work with Evergreen and Slow Food Toronto to present Canadians with the opportunity to learn more about healthy food choices and sustainable foods. "

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