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Recall campaign on the vehicle Acura ZDX

Communicates Honda Canada on the recall campaign for Acura ZDX

Honda Canada Inc. is announcing a recall campaign on approximately 605 Acura ZDX vehicles to inspect the inside of the lining surface of the dashboard. On affected vehicles, the passenger airbag side of 2010 ZDX will not deploy properly.

Despite no incidents have been reported, a quality control of the manufacturing process revealed that some vehicles do not possess the necessary pre-incision laser sub-surface material of the dashboard. This appropriate without pre-incision, the airbag front passenger side will not inflate properly. Not effected after the dealer inspection, if it is determined that a vehicle ZDX does not have proper pre-incision, the dashboard will be replaced.

The owners of affected vehicles will be notified by mail later this month.

Recall campaign on the vehicle Acura ZDX picture #1

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